Best Second Trimester Must Haves

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Entering the second trimester wondering about the list of must haves? Congratulations, you’ve made it through the toughest yet exciting part of your pregnancy with all those pregnancy announcements: the first trimester. Even though you are out of your first trimester, there are challenges associated with any part of pregnancy, the second and third trimesters are ahead of you.

The second trimester is when most women begin to feel they are pregnant with that cute baby bump start showing of. Not only baby bump, baby kicks and those tiny little rolls and twists are all you enjoy throughout the day. And may get a little boost of energy, you feel good about yourself, and the blood flow gets better.

Your pregnancy symptoms may be easing up, and you’re likely feeling a bit more like your old self again. People around you might even tell you that you’re glowing or start guessing what you might be carrying.

With all that bodily changes, you may experience a wide range of new pregnancy symptoms during the second trimester. From constipation to bleeding gums, stretch marks to itching, headaches to leg cramps, all those symptoms can be managed by making better choices during pregnancy.

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What are the must-haves for moms-to-be in their second trimester?

Everything you need to check off your second-trimester pregnancy must-haves to help prepare for your growing belly days with many bodily changes.

Relieve that itch

Itching is a quite common pregnancy symptom. Most women feel it when their skin stretches for red, purple, or brown stretch marks. Research shows that 1 out of 2 women is likely to get stretch marks.

Although there is no solid way to stop stretch marks; however, you can significantly avoid them by not scratching hard. Gently rub a cloth to ease out the itch. Use Itch defense lotion and keep your skin moisturized.

This Curel itch defense lotion is hands down the best to have during pregnancy or even after. This one is even safe to use for babies too.

Lotion to prevent itching during pregnancy

Belly oil and belly butter 

During the second and third trimesters, your baby keeps getting bigger, and the baby bump keeps stretching, leaving stretch marks. The best way to prevent stretch marks is to keep the skin moisturized with Earth Mama’s belly oil and belly butter.

belly oil and belly butter to prevent stretch marks

Wedge pillow

With that growing belly, it’s hard to sleep on the sides as recommended by the doctors. Because it is not safe to sleep on your back as the baby grows and gets heavier.

Using the wedge pillow on whatever side you prefer to sleep will support the baby bump without any discomfort, so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Wedge pillow to use for second to fourth trimester

Belly belt for support

Some women feel pressure down on the lower abdomen during pregnancy. As the baby gets bigger, it is normal to feel that way. Or for women over 35, the pressure gets much stronger as the uterine walls get thinner.

To deal with such issues, it is recommended to wear a belly belt if you have to stay on the move all day long. Or working conditions that require standing for long hours.

Belly belt support to wear during pregnancy around second trimester to third trimester.

Comfy bras and underwear

Although they say that the second trimester is the best time of your pregnancy when your nausea subsides, and there is no more morning sickness, the 5th and 6th months of pregnancy have their highs and lows. You feel great about your growing baby bump as it starts showing.

The funny thing is not only the baby bump, everything else seems to be getting bigger too. Old bras might not fit anymore, underwear may seem like hugging so hard, leaving a mark.

That said, it’s time to go a size up, which ensures more comfort. Get these comfy nursing and maternity bras that will work even after delivery.

Comfy bras to wear during second and third trimester when breast gets bigger

Over-the-bump maternity underwear

over the belly pregnancy underwear to wear in second and third trimester.

Cramping or back pain

As the belly grows, you feel pain on your sides or the back, called ligament pain, due to increased baby weight. Some women may have a high threshold to bear the pain, but things might get a little harder for some.

In such cases, to avoid any pain medication (that you must), you can use a hot and cold water bottle compress to ease pain, or a heating pad will help.

Hot and cold water compress for back pain relief during second trimester

You need a pair of Slip-on shoes.

Say goodbye to shoes with laces, slip-on is the way to go. Pretty soon, around the 6th month of your pregnancy, you can hardly see your feet, and bending down to tie the shoelaces gets even harder. Thanks to your growing baby.

Make your life easy, and get a slip-on pair of shoes that you can wear up to postpartum. Or maybe for the rest of your life, who knows? Because they are just so convenient.

Slip on shoes are must for easy wear during second and third trimester.

Get slip-on shoes now.

Water bottle for hydration

Take my word for it; Staying well-hydrated is the only way to prevent pregnancy leg cramps, headaches, and whatnot. Drinking plenty of water is essential throughout your pregnancy and even after, whether you are breastfeeding or not.

Investing in a refillable water bottle is the most environment-friendly choice you can make, and that way, you tend to drink more water rather than just carrying a disposable water bottle.

Water bottle is a must have for hydration during pregnancy

Get a water bottle now.

Best Maternity casual pants for the second trimester

These maternity pants are super soft and perfect to wear after 5th month of pregnancy; as the belly grows, it fits better and stays comfy and soft around the belly (unlike most maternity jeans). Although the fabric is on the thinner side, specifically this one making it perfect for summer, spring, and fall.

casual and comfy maternity pants

Casual maternity pants that can be worn to work.

Maternity shirts

As your belly starts to show, you might look for cute maternity shirts that you can also wear after delivery. This cute full sleeves maternity shirt is perfect for any weather. Pair it with a coat or jacket and long boots, making a perfect pregnancy outfit for winter.

Maternity shirts for moms in their 5th month of pregnancy and up.

Maternity robe for everyday comfort

Whether you are working during pregnancy or a stay home mom-to-be, at some point, you need comfy clothes that allow your baby bump to grow, and you should feel more at ease. A maternity robe is one of the options to ensure everyday comfort.

Maternity robe for moms to be for comfort clothing around second trimester.

Get your comfy robe now.

Second trimester essentials for moms to be.

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