First trimester must haves – What You Need

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You probably do not even know that you are in your first trimester and if it’s your first pregnancy, you are definitely looking for all the must-haves you will need in this time. You just learned about your pregnancy and wonder what to expect in the coming weeks. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but not everyone has the same start. Some women may feel a lot of discomfort and severe first-trimester pregnancy symptoms, while others may not even realize that they are pregnant for a long time.

Well, at some point, the pregnancy symptoms must kick in, like fatigue, lethargy, need for rest, food aversions, and whatnot. With all those quirky pregnancy symptoms, new moms need to keep some first trimester pregnancy essentials in mind.

If you are looking for ideas for a first-trimester gift basket for a friend who just announced her pregnancy or your wife just announced that she is expecting, these items can make up a great gift basket.

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Must Haves a newly expectant mom needs in the first few weeks of pregnancy?

When it comes to the first trimester, there are a few essential items that many expectant moms find helpful during those first weeks. 

Prenatal vitamins

If you have not already taken prenatal vitamins, you should start taking them now. Prenatal vitamins can be found in a lot of variety in the market; if you prefer vegan or no gelatin prenatal vitamins, then GNC prenatal vitamins with or without iron are a great find.

These prenatal vitamins have folic acid, which plays a vital role in a baby’s brain development for those beginning weeks. It is a must. Also, if you are iron deficient or anemic, take the prenatal route with iron and folic acid.

Prenatal vitamins for pregnancy and after delivery

Order prenatal vitamins here.

Nausea relief remedies

Many women experience early pregnancy symptoms, nausea like vomiting, morning sickness, metallic taste, excess saliva, and whatnot. Here is how to relieve pregnancy nausea.

Taking prenatals at night, ginger ale, ginger candy, or pregnancy pops can relieve first trimester nausea.

Pink Stork Mango Ginger candy

Preggie pop drops for morning sickness

Preggie pops for pregnancy Nausea

Gingerale Soda

Jeans extender for a pregnant woman

Although you do not need maternity jeans yet, you still can’t button your old ones like you used to. For that problem, we suggest you get a belly band or jeans extender to help the waistline of your jeans extend a little. The extender allows you to get more life out of your pants for the first several weeks.

Get your first-trimester Jeans extender.

Maternity trouser

To avoid gas and bloating, it is essential to use comfy clothes around the belly. While you are at home, wear comfy trousers.

This is the one I love; very light fabric and super comfy lounge trousers. It is true to size, so for the first trimester, order your current size. However, you can order one size up to use in the third trimester and after delivery, especially if you have a C-section delivery. Since the fabric is soft and thin and doesn’t make you feel too heavy.

Check maternity pants here.

A water bottle for hydration needs

Doctors recommend drinking at least a gallon of water to avoid annoying pregnancy cramps and headaches. For that reason and more, you must have a gallon-sized water bottle to ensure you are drinking enough water.

Gallon sized water bottle for pregnancy

Gallon-sized water bottle

A pregnancy bible

Have a good pregnancy book to answer your questions about how you should be feeling, etc. What to expect when you are expecting is the best book on pregnancy.

Pregnancy book for first time moms

Vitmain water or Gatorade

Not everyone likes the taste of water or can fulfill hydration needs with water only. So if you have a taste preference or low energy, drinking electrolytes-enhanced Vitamin water with zero sugar (when you don’t want extra sugar) or Gatorade is your best bet.

Vitamin water for first trimester hydration

Healthy pregnancy snacks

The first trimester is not exactly when you should start eating for two; However, it is recommended to take five to six small meals throughout the day instead of eating big hefty meals. For that, you need good healthy snacks, like yogurt with granola and fruits, dates, figs, almonds, and cashews, etc. Here is the list of healthy pregnancy snacks you can try.

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