Car seat Protector and back seat organizer by BabyLum

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This post is in collaboration with BabyLum -Products for Parents. I have received this product for review and I absolutely loved it.

Parenthood is all about feeding those little tummies, teaching kids everything from talking to walking, dealing with the mess and teaching them how to be less messy. Kids do not learn this in one day, it takes time and perseverance. And for that parents need A LOT of patience, means A LOOTTTT of patience.

Kids kick a lot right from the beginning, while they are in the womb till their car seats. They are restless souls.

My husband is obsessed with cars and so as keeping them clean inside out. I remember once my son was kicking the backseat of our car when he actually got really upset about it. We really wanted to have something to protect the back seat and also the seat itself and we immediately got the seat protectors and kick mats.

As we know, infant car seats and big kids car seats, they mess up the back seat of a car. In addition to that, when kids kick the back seats, it gives very visible shoe marks. For car lovers, it is undoubtedly a BIG thing. Although moms are cool about everything yet dads feel awful when something gets messed up in their cars.

We had car seat covers for a long time now and they have pretty much protected out seats, however, we had to buy everything separately, kick mats and car seat protectors for both of our kids’ car seats.

BabyLum, Products for Parents, has an amazing Car Seat Protector and Back Seat Organizer. I have received their product and it has a Back Seat organizer that can also serve the purpose of a kick mat, and you do not have to buy them separately. Also, they are of great quality and has a perfect size that covers your seat well if you have an SUV.

Besides, this product is water-resistant, the biggest plus for having this product is, it has mesh organizing pockets. You can put kids toys in here, bottles, snacks, and napkins, etc. It works great for road trips, and everyday car use.

Most of the seat protectors, are not weather resistant because, if you have leather seats in your car, they may damage your seats during hot weather. And, it is never going to be the same, regardless.

It also has these mess pockets with organizing space in the bottom of the seat covers. You can put anything for kids activities in there.

These covers are great and I highly recommend these babyLum seat protector and back seat organizer. You will not regret buying this product.

Remember, this is coming from someone who already had seat protectors and has been using those for a long time. They are gonna go a long way and most of all, your car will look like NEW even after a few years of parenthood.

You can buy these seat protectors here.

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