Painting and homemade slime Activities for 3 to 5 years old kids

Painting and homemade slime Activities for 3 to 5 years old kids

Toddlers are eager learners. They need activities to stay busy all day every day. Toddlers have the ability to play with the same thing in so many different ways as they grow.

However, some activities keep them busy for longer if they have other siblings playing with them.

You should try these activities at home if you have a work-from-home schedule so you can keep kids busy while you work.

Painting Activities for 3 to 5 years old kids

Painting Activity

You can do different sorts of painting projects with kids. In case if you are not worried about them painting the walls when you are not around or seem busy, you can choose the safer option that works best for you.

Tip : Always use washable paints for them, so you can easily wipe them off with a wet paper towel.

Canvas painting

Painting is my favorite activity and my kids love it too. We have got small size canvas frames so we can paint them together as a quarantine memory.

You can create a kids keepsake kind of canvas painting that reminds you of being home and being safe. To be thankful of the blessing you have, a cozy bed and good food even when so much sad going on outside.

For canvas painting you need:

Canvas frames

Acrylic paints

Acrylic brush set

You can make painted canvas frame and glue kids’ pictures on them.

Veggies Painting

For a random every day painting activity you cannot use canvas obviously. Thus, you can do painting with veggies on a paper or a paper plate whatever interests your kid more.

Broccoli Painting – You can try painting with vegetables, like broccoli, potato, onion, etc to have a variety of prints on the canvas as they have different textures.

Potato Painting – Cut a potato in half- you do not have to peel it. Dip it in the paint and start printing.

Kids will learn about different textures and various strokes every vegetable has. Definitely worth a try. My kids enjoyed painting with potatoes more than broccoli.

Homemade Flour Slime Activity for kids

Although I didn’t try to make slime using all-purpose-flour, and when the mixture got ready, my kids named it “slime.” For that reason, I would call it a Flour Slime activity.

You need a few things from your kitchen closet. Nothing fancy.

A couple of mixing bowls – one for each kid.

A whisker for each

All purpose flour


Food color or a kids paints

In order to save your kids from messing up their clothes, you may want to have aprons as well.

To my surprise they did so well with mixing and it was not even lumpy. Then you can add food color or a paint. I added paint as I didn’t have food color at home. My kids are 4 and 2.5 years old and they know its not edible so they apparently not going to eat.

Although it’s a messy activity still it’s worth trying. You can have an old shower curtain underneath so they can be as messy as they want. In my opinion, it is much easier if they are on a bare table that can be cleaned up easily.

At this stage give your kid(s) a scooper, a ladle, a cup, a pourer, and a dropper or whatever they can be creative with.

It’s an amazing pouring activity, with a right consistency of a slime.

You can get a dropper and a scooper set online.

Cards Activity

For four years old – a card game is a super engaging activity.

You can use UNO Cards, Playing Cards, flashCards anything you want. Even if kids do not recognize the numbers and words, still you can teach them about taking turns.

Randomly divide the cards – keep one half with you and have him hold the other half. Now you can teach him to put cards one by one -taking turns – so whoever is going to finish cards first, is a winner at the end.

If your child recognizes the numbers, you can sure take advantage of UNO or playing cards. It is a great way to have your child improve the grip of his hand as well to hold a sufficient amount of cards altogether.

I used these baby shark card with him and it was really exciting activity for my son.

Get more inexpensive activities ideas for kids

Play Dough Activity

Kids love playing with a Play Doh. Although play-doh gets messy when dried, still you can save at least an hour of peace so you can do your pending work while your kids get busy. I had actually stopped buying play-doh as it gets messy but as the kids grow up, they are super creative with it.

The best ways to keep kids involved for a longer time are:

Give your kids Play Doh with a gap of at least 2 to 3 weeks so that kids do not get bored of playing with a it often.

Definitely you need a couple of fun cookie cutters, rolling pin, and whatever you think is age-appropriate. The one has almost 100 shapes in less than 10 bucks.

Playdough Toolset could spare you more time. Ideally, try to keep playdough in the reach if you think they are old enough to play on their own.

It does get dry and crumby over time, so the best way to contain the mess is using a clear bin with a lid so, later on, you may want to make sensory bins sand out of it.

Valentine’s day crafts ideas for kids

Valentine’s day crafts ideas for kids

Valentine’s day is all about celebrating love with your loved ones. It about sharing love with your kids.

These simple craft ideas you can do with kids on valentine’s day as well as you can use these DIY to send a little token for your kids’ classmates.

Valentine’s Day Art and Crafts ideas for kids

1.Painted Mason jar craft for Valentine’s day

Every kid loves to paint and have fun put that creativity to use for their teacher or family Valentine’s day gift. Use this easy to follow tutorial on creating Valentine’s Day Mason Jars that you can fill with treats.

Craft by:

2.DIY Valentine Slime

The only thing more fun than making this Valentine’s Day slime is getting to play with it!

Idea by

3. Printable Valentine color cards for kids

Free Printable Valentines for kids to color based on the fun book, I Love You Like A Pig by Greg Pizzoli.

Craft by Somethewiser

4. Heart painting on canvas

Make these easy heart paintings with cheap dollar store paints and canvas, and not a single paintbrush is used! I’ll show you how to use 3 household items ( you probably have at home right now) to create these nifty textures, and the kids will love them!!

Craft by

5. Valentine’s day paper Heart Pouch

A fun little project that kids can make and give to their friends or family. This Valentine’s Day paper heart project is also great for developing fine motor skills and teaching basic sewing stitches.

Craft by MyPoppet

6. Conversation Heart Gift Box

A cute little craft project that kids can make and fill with treats for friends or family. Add a special message on the front with alphabet stamps.

Craft by MyPoppet

7. Valentine’s day explosion Box

Create this exploding Valentine’s Day box craft with your kids to gift to someone special. The post comes with step by step instructions and printable templates make it easy for crafters of all abilities.

Craft by PartywithUnicorns

8. Easy Preschool Candle Craft

An easy preschool Valentine’s Day candle craft that is also a sensory activity all in one. Your toddler will be so proud to see their artwork displayed in the house!

Craft by highchairchronicles

9. Valentine Yarn Ornament

These Valentine Yarn Ornaments are beautiful and easy enough for even the youngest crafters!

Craft by Somethewiser

10. DIY Valentine day gifts for kids

These simple Valentines for kids (from parents) include fun gift ideas as well as free printable tags!

Craft by thegiftygirl

11. Valentine’s Day Coupons for kids

The kids will love these fun Valentine’s Day coupons! Download the free printable Valentine coupons and give them individually or turn them into a coupon book!

Craft by CrayonsandCravings

12. Valentine’s Day Thaumatropes for kids

Create an engaging Valentine while your child learns about the science of optical illusions. (Plus a free printable to make it even easier!)

Craft by Team-cartwright

13. Handmade cards for Valentine’s day with Cricut

Craft by GingersnapCrafts

14. Easy Photo Valentine Wreath craft for kids

Craft by simpleeverydaymom

15. Llana Valentine card craft

Craft by simpleeverydaymom

Need more ideas on kids’ classroom parties for Valentine’s day? Check out these cards exchange ideas for kids.

14 Early Learning Books for 3 to 5-year-old preschoolers

14 Early Learning Books for 3 to 5-year-old preschoolers

As a parent to a toddler and a preschooler, buying books for kids is a great way to do screen detox at home and keep kids busy learning in a positive way.

Not only reading, writing is essentially be started at a tender age, so your child is able to learn cursive writing with lots of practice. Do not overburden your child, rather make learning more fun with a help of activity books and hands-on learning.

For the most part, kids develop a love for reading if you are successful in incorporating it into your child’s life by buying books. Setting up a reading corner for your kid(s) in his room where books are in his arm’s reach.

Your child develops a love for reading if you are in the habit of buying books and allowing your child to learn and explore as they grow up.

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Early Learning Books for 3 to 5-year-old preschoolers

Keep kids’ books at home for every day learning without having your child feel stressed out. Typically, at this age kids do not have a longer attention span so it is very likely for them to get bored. That being said, keep it short and fun. Have your child absorb new things every day little by little – in an effective learning way.

Some of these books I have at home for my 4 year old and I absolutely love them.

1. Letters and Numbers Book

If you want to have your child learn about numbers and letters in a fun way then this book is a great read. Paw patrol is kids favorite these days. This book comes with stickers and some basic math concepts too. The recommended age for these books is 3 to 7 years.

2. kids activity books for 3 years old

This could be an amazing activity book for your 3-year-old to keep him busy while you could get done with some chores, waiting at doctor’s visit, plane travels or making phone calls.

3. Kids who love the coloring books

No doubt kids love coloring and doing it with mom is even more fun. So if you want to have some one-on-one time with your little one then this could work very well.

4. Activity book 

This book could have your kid busy and away from screen time. Kids love activities. My son always wants me to play with him and sometimes I don’t have any more ideas left to play with him. However, If you have a babysitter for your kids, then this book would be very engaging and productive for them too.

5. Letter and numbers Tracing activity book

Every kid has to learn how to write and tracing is the beginning. If you think your kid is going to enjoy this stage of learning then you definitely need to have this book. Just make sure you have spare erasable markers at home.

6. Vehicles learning books

Cars and other vehicles are the only things my kids would notice in every book and in real life too. This book is perfect entertainment for both, boys and girls.

7. Words book

I believe it’s a must-have for every household as your child wants to learn more and more vocabulary. They are like a sponge and they have all the capabilities of absorbing so much in their tiny little brains, that’s just incredible.

8. Kids who love dinosaurs

Although dinosaurs are extinct now but kids are never done learning about them. Every kid would know about dinosaurs and it’s endless learning about different names and types of dinos. My son even imitates all those sound dinosaurs might have made. If your kids are into these amazing creatures then you might want to surprise them.

9. Everything in one book

Well, every child has their own set of interests, and they would love learning about those things. This book has bits of almost everything in the universe. Try and get to know what interests them, and you will be surprised. This book sure is going to go a long way.

10. Counting cars

This is a great book if you want your child to learn to count especially if he/she is into cars. My son would love this one and it won’t take long to teach him about counting.

Get the counting cars books now.

11. Kids who love trucks

First Hundred Trucks is an incredible book and an amazing gift for boys. Some girls also love cars more than dolls, so why not feed kids with more knowledge.

12. Reading and story telling books

This book talks about being grumpy and how everyone around you would notice your mood. It is a very good quality book and interesting as well.

You can find more storybooks for 3 to 5 years old here

13. Writing book for preschooler

I love this book by School Zone. We do writing sessions with my 4-year-old. I highly recommend every parent having this preschool book at home for writing practice for preschoolers.

Buy Preschool Books now.

14. Sight words books

Developing an ability to recognize sight words for 4 to 5 years old is essential for reading skills. First little readers has a bundle of books that are awesome for sight words recognition. These are easy to read and understand.

Learning Basic Math Skills

Math is the most important real-life skill that we have to teach our kids at a very begininng. Teaching kids numbers beyond counting is essential.

Writing Essentials you must have at home for your toddler and preschooler

Jumbo Crayons

Washable Jumbo markers

Pencils for toddlers

Pencil Grips


Sharpener for kids

These are my recommendations about books for preschoolers. Like I said, your child will develop a love for reading if you buy books and set up a small library at home. Essentially, having all books in one place and within your child’s reach. You can get this bookshelf for your kids’ room. That way, it will be easier for them to grab a workbook and practice writing.

Read more

Inexpensive activities ideas for toddlers to keep them busy.

Kids fun activities you can do at home.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other recommendation about kids books, I would love to know.

Learning and activity books for preschoolers