What’s inside a Perfect Thank you Gift basket for delivery nurses

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Thinking about what to get your labor and delivery nurses as a thank you. Just put together a thoughtful gift basket for your nurses, whether for one of the nurses or many in the labor and delivery department. When you handpick the items, it will show how much you appreciate them. It means a lot to the recipient.

When my son was born, we ordered Georgetown cupcakes for our delivery nurses after we went home. Now I think back, we could have made a nice gift basket as a thank you that they could cherish for a long time.

What thoughtful items can you add to a nurse’s gift basket as a thank you?

There are many useful gifts that you can add to a gift basket with customized items with appreciation messages for nurses.

Else, if you are looking for one special nurse in your life, you can make a gift basket for things she can use in daily life.

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What you can add to labor and delivery nurses’ thank you gift basket

Thoughtful gifts go a long way as gratitude toward nurses for taking care of their patients wholeheartedly. List of things that are inexpensive and perfect for nurses’ gifts as an appreciation with a thank you note:

High protein snacks – Nurses work long shifts, so they need high protein snacks to keep them going all through the shift – when they hardly get to sit and eat a proper meal.

Compression socks – Nurses stay on their toes for the entire shift, so compression socks are definitely a good choice of gift. Make it funny and choose socks with cute medical prints.

Good glide pens – nurses love good pens as they always have to write and take notes.

A coffee mug or a tumbler that fits in the car – A travel coffee mug with a lid that fits in the car cup holder and that keeps coffee warm is the best thing you can gift a nurse.

Funny notepads as I said, nurses have to take notes all the time, so why not a funny notepad.

Hair ties and headbands – cute medical prints hair ties and headbands are perfect to add to a gift basket. Check out these cute headbands.

Teaboxes – well, who doesn’t love tea. Add a destress coffee or tea in a gift basket and let the nurses have a relaxing tea break.

Space-saving waist pouch – Sleek design feel to wear it with all necessary stuff like phone, key, cards, cash, and so on, suitable for wearing all day or for short runs.

Water bottle – A nice stylish motivational water bottle is a win-win.

Box of chocolates – Well, who doesn’t appreciate gourmet chocolates as a gift? A box of chocolate is never failed for any gift basket for any given occasion.

Starbucks Cold Coffee Drink Cans – Coffee cans are perfect to add in a thank you gift basket for nurses on duty.

Salty Nuts snacks – since nurses work long hours, some have to work 10 to 12 hours shifts and for that healthy salty snacks are perfectly energizing and nutritious.

Emergency room Zipper bag – this bag is so cute and helpful for nurses to keep their make up and other essentials in a bag.

What you can add to a basket for all the nurses on duty as a thank-you

Most of the nurses keep on changing shifts and it’s not just one nurse you want to say thank you for her helpful services.

  • You can add a lot of snacks to a basket.
  • Destress tea or coffee so they all can share at the hospital.
  • A jar full of nuts and dry frozen fruits.

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Gift basket ideas for nurses - what to add in labor and delivery nurses gift basket.

Nurse appreciation gift ideas - what to add in nurse gift basket.

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