3 best space-saving Nursing chairs for a smaller nursery

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Nursing chairs are a safe heaven for breastfeeding moms as mom and baby bond during comfortable nursing sessions. Not only nursing but soothing a fussy baby or rocking a baby to sleep can be easily done in a nursing chair.

The most important thing for a nursing mom is her posture and comfort so she doesn’t get frozen sitting in one position. For that matter, nursing or soothing your baby in a comfortable spot

Even though not every new parent has space for bulky, huge nursing chairs. Finding a sleek and comfy rocking nursing chair for a small space nursery is somewhat tricky. When you are deciding on nursery glider chairs, make sure they are sturdy to rock back and forth and they don’t fall back.

In my experience, the nursing chair I have got as a baby present wasn’t very sturdy, lacking the feature of weight balancing. Every time I rock, it falls back – and it is even scarier with a baby. Naturally, babies tend to gain weight and when a mom is postpartum, the post-baby weight still takes about 4 to 6 months to shed. That is why it is extremely important for a nursing chair to be well-balanced while you rock your baby to sleep.

What things to consider when choosing a nursing chair for a baby nursery?

Things to consider when picking a space-saving nursing chair for your baby:

  • Safe to sit and rock – It shouldn’t fall back.
  • It should be easy to clean or stain-resistant.
  • Certainly, you don’t want a nursing chair that squeaks or produces a cracking sound. That is a big No-No.
  • Even if the nursing chairs seem to be narrower due to space-saving features or run small, they shouldn’t be uncomfortable for you and the baby. The last thing you would ever want to nurse in an uncomfy chair and get more tired than relaxed.
  • Functionality: With all baby gear it is extremely important to understand the functionality and practicality of every product. Don’t just fall for a mommy’s trap and buy things that have no practical significance in motherhood.
  • Armed chair: last and not least, whether you choose a glider or a rocking chair, make sure it has a comfy armrest to have enough room for placing a nursing pillow.

Although rocking chairs for small spaces doesn’t have to be heavy as these space-saving nursing chairs are somewhat lightweight. As a tip – make sure you put rocking chairs in a corner of your baby’s room so it can safely rock back and forth without any risk of falling backward.

Regardless of what you choose, stick these transparent rubber wall protectors behind the nursery chairs just to save your walls from any pokes damage caused due to rocking your baby while nursing.

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3 Best nursing chairs for small spaces

I highly recommend you pick a breastfeeding chair that is functional according to the configuration of your home, sturdy, safe, and has a strong base that significantly lessens the risk of falling – and most importantly, a perfect nursery chair that suits your nursing needs and eases motherhood to a high extent.

Small best Swivel Glider for nursery

This nursing chair may seem bulky to you but this is a perfect nursery swivel glider you can find for your mothering needs. The swivel glider keeps the chair in safe smooth gliding motion without having them fall back. However, an ottoman is a must in most cases such as resting your legs while the baby is nursing or sleeping on your chest.

A mom on amazon reviewed this glider chair to be the best for her small baby room.

“Love love love!!! It is so perfect for our little girl’s room. I was a bit nervous after I purchased it because of the size— thought it might be too small but it is certainly not! It is a perfect size! The glide is smooth and the storage ottoman is a bonus.”

Moreover, this swivel glider is stain resistant and available in five beautiful solid colors in a chic fabric.

Swivel glider nursing chair for breastfeeding moms.

small Recliner for nursery

Choosing a perfect recliner is tricky for small spaces as the chair should have enough space in the back to recline as much as you prefer.

Well, let’s just face it, finding the best space-saving recliner nursing chair is challenging as the recliners are supposed to be a little bulkier than regular rocking or swivel chairs. Recliners tend to be heavier than regular rocking nursing chairs.

This swivel recliner is by far the best for a baby nursery. Comfortable, minimalist, and most importantly safe for mom and the baby.

Nursing chair with Swivel recliner for baby nursery - perfect for small nursery space

If you have enough space in your baby nursery, this cute gliding ottoman is a must-have for your nursing needs and resting your legs.

Small space-saving rocking chair for baby nursery

Rocking chairs are sanity savers for new parents in the early phases of parenthood. Mom or dad needs to rock the baby for hours to put her to sleep when parents can’t even rest at a stretch.

Safe and comfy rocking chairs are a great way to wean your baby from breastfeeding because you can rock them and put them to sleep again. Moreover, this space-saving rocking chair has a side pocket to keep essentials handy while you are nursing the baby.

The ergonomic backrest and smooth armrests can provide good support to your body, allowing you to sit comfortably even when sitting for longer nursing sessions.

A mom reviewed this chair on Amazon “This chair is awesome! I bought it for our nursery and it’s comfortable, perfect size, cute and took my husband 15 minutes to put together!! This was definitely a good purchase.”

Nursing Rocking chair for breastfeeding moms - a comfy space saving chair for small nursery to have calm nursing sessions

When you are buying a typical rocking chair, keep in mind that it has a limited extent to rock depending on the wooden frame underneath. And the backrest of the rocking chair is not usually heavy as it may fall back as the weight increases on the back.

A perfect space-saving side table for a breastfeeding station

As much as you are diligently hunting for a perfect space-saving nursing chair, the need for a perfect side table for creating a breastfeeding station, a night light, and other basic stuff is inevitable. So here is my pick for a chic nursery end table that can hold much stuff without making it look bulky.

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