Valentine’s day crafts ideas for kids

Valentine’s day crafts ideas for kids

Valentine’s day is all about celebrating love with your loved ones. It about sharing love with your kids.

These simple craft ideas you can do with kids on valentine’s day as well as you can use these DIY to send a little token for your kids’ classmates.

Valentine’s Day Art and Crafts ideas for kids

1.Painted Mason jar craft for Valentine’s day

Every kid loves to paint and have fun put that creativity to use for their teacher or family Valentine’s day gift. Use this easy to follow tutorial on creating Valentine’s Day Mason Jars that you can fill with treats.

Craft by:

2.DIY Valentine Slime

The only thing more fun than making this Valentine’s Day slime is getting to play with it!

Idea by

3. Printable Valentine color cards for kids

Free Printable Valentines for kids to color based on the fun book, I Love You Like A Pig by Greg Pizzoli.

Craft by Somethewiser

4. Heart painting on canvas

Make these easy heart paintings with cheap dollar store paints and canvas, and not a single paintbrush is used! I’ll show you how to use 3 household items ( you probably have at home right now) to create these nifty textures, and the kids will love them!!

Craft by

5. Valentine’s day paper Heart Pouch

A fun little project that kids can make and give to their friends or family. This Valentine’s Day paper heart project is also great for developing fine motor skills and teaching basic sewing stitches.

Craft by MyPoppet

6. Conversation Heart Gift Box

A cute little craft project that kids can make and fill with treats for friends or family. Add a special message on the front with alphabet stamps.

Craft by MyPoppet

7. Valentine’s day explosion Box

Create this exploding Valentine’s Day box craft with your kids to gift to someone special. The post comes with step by step instructions and printable templates make it easy for crafters of all abilities.

Craft by PartywithUnicorns

8. Easy Preschool Candle Craft

An easy preschool Valentine’s Day candle craft that is also a sensory activity all in one. Your toddler will be so proud to see their artwork displayed in the house!

Craft by highchairchronicles

9. Valentine Yarn Ornament

These Valentine Yarn Ornaments are beautiful and easy enough for even the youngest crafters!

Craft by Somethewiser

10. DIY Valentine day gifts for kids

These simple Valentines for kids (from parents) include fun gift ideas as well as free printable tags!

Craft by thegiftygirl

11. Valentine’s Day Coupons for kids

The kids will love these fun Valentine’s Day coupons! Download the free printable Valentine coupons and give them individually or turn them into a coupon book!

Craft by CrayonsandCravings

12. Valentine’s Day Thaumatropes for kids

Create an engaging Valentine while your child learns about the science of optical illusions. (Plus a free printable to make it even easier!)

Craft by Team-cartwright

13. Handmade cards for Valentine’s day with Cricut

Craft by GingersnapCrafts

14. Easy Photo Valentine Wreath craft for kids

Craft by simpleeverydaymom

15. Llana Valentine card craft

Craft by simpleeverydaymom

Need more ideas on kids’ classroom parties for Valentine’s day? Check out these cards exchange ideas for kids.

Easy organizing hacks for kids’ stuff

Easy organizing hacks for kids’ stuff

Are you in the struggle of organizing kids’ stuff every other day?

Moms of little kids may find these tips helpful for organizing kids’ stuff when it is too much and overwhelming. Learn these simple and easy organizing hacks for baby’s clothing, kids jackets, shoes that need a designated place in your home. Also, how moms can organize kids’ toys. books depending on the space of your house.

For fairly small space, you can get ideas on how you can maximize your limited space with multiple kids and their stuff.

If you have too many kids’ toys, the best thing is to declutter and here is how you can do it.

How to declutter kids’ toys.

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Easy Organizing hacks for kid(s) stuff

Regardless of how big or small, your space is, having too many things around you may increase your stress level.

The best approach is to stay minimalist with your stuff, too many things mean too much clutter. Although when you have kids, you may need a bigger space or a separate room to accommodate your kid’s stuff, still you need to be decluttering every two to four weeks to avoid the overwhelm and get rid of the stuff that your child has outgrown in a matter of few weeks.

When moms feel overwhelmed due to kids’ toys, clothes everywhere, these simple things will help moms keep motherhood organized and less stressful. However, it is highly advised to keep the configuration of your house in mind.

1. Use Wall basket for Lost socks

Install wall baskets in your laundry room and outside laundry room to track all your household lost socks.

2.Install Hooks on the entryway

Install basket or hooks for gloves and other winter wear on the entryway. This is the tree hall I have and it caters kids’ shoes, jackets, school bags everything. If you have space to optimize your entryway, then this is the hall tree you should get.

3. Wall hooks for hanging baby stuff

Ideally, you should install wall Hooks for hanging baby’s bibs, toys and other things that keep messing up your space.

4. Wall organizers for medicines

Babies are vulnerable to fall sick in the first year of their lives. You need a designated place in the kitchen cabinets for medicines. You have to make sure the medicines are not in your kid(s) reach.

The best approach is to have a mesh bin or storage bin container to keep them contained in one place.

Tip – Always make sure the medicines are best to use and throw away expired ones.

5. Jewelry organizer for girls

For little girls, you have to have jewelry organizers so that it is not getting lost every other day. Also, this will help girls to learn how to keep jewelry organized while they are still young.

Choose a practical and highly functional jewelry organizer that is age-appropriate and easy to use for little girls. Using this one can save you a lot of space on the dresser.

6. Wall hanging organizer

You can use a wall hanging organizer for multi-purpose in your kids’ rooms.

For instance, you can use a wall organizer for baby receiving blankets, baby’s shoes, bibs, onesies, pj’s, bodysuits, baby’s diaper essentials. Small space rooms can save up a lot of space by just using these organizers depending on your room configuration.

Moreover, a wall or hanging door organizer can be used for multiple things like, for little girls who are fond of barbies. You can put Barbie dolls and other toys in there.

Organizer your kids’ small stuff toys in that wall hanging organizers.

7. Space-saving bins

Space-saving bins for kids books or toys

As kids grow older, the best practice is to purge what you find unnecessary for your kids. Space-saving bins are your best friend when it comes to organizing kids room especially boys rooms who has the ultimate selection of cars.

Over the door hanging storage organizer for baby’s toys and every day use random stuff

8. Storing clothes for next season or for the sibling

9. Need to store clothes for the next season for siblings or expected baby, these bags can be helpful for keeping stuff safe

9. Bedside caddy to organize bed clutter

Do you do late-night feedings or you do not have a nightstand on either side of your bed, use this night caddy for easy access for the stuff you may need at night.

Bedside caddy can be used in kids’ dorm rooms, in their own rooms or even if they are sharing a room with siblings.

You can use bedside caddy to use for kids’ rooms, to put bedtime books, etc.

10. Drawer organizers for small clothing items like onesies

11. This drawer organizer can be used as a onesie organizer. Onesies are the best and the comfiest clothing essential your newborn has. Keeping all sorted in your drawers when you do not have hanging space in your closet.

11. Closet wall foldable drying rack

Are you aware of having multiple throw-ups and poop stains? well, sometimes you cannot just put everything in the washer right away. You gotta have this when it comes to air dry a few items.

Install this foldable drying rack in your laundry wall to keep air dry clothes that you need to.

12. Mesh bags for washing smallest clothing piece

You cannot go wrong by using mess bags for tinniest socks that misplace every wash. Lost socks are a problem of every household from infant to adult. Solve this issue by using these mesh bags.

Fill this mesh bag up for laundry so once your load is done, you have full pairs of socks safe in one place.

13. Storing kids art and crafts

do you seem to do crafts with kids and no place to keep it safe and reminding? These clear bins with lids can help keep everything organized and clutter-free.

14. Wall shelves

The moving wall shelves can be used to organize kids’ books in the reading section. You can also utilize wall shelves to organize kids’ other stuff like small cars that can be stored vertically. This can save up a lot of space and clutter.

This wall shelf you can get from amazon for kids’ room to have their book organizer in a space-saving manner.

15. Use a bench with drawers or bins underneath.

While you are setting up your kid’s room if you want to have a sitting bench or table for a sofa make sure it has storage to put away toys to have a better-organized room.

You can get this practical and super functional storage bench for your entryway or living room to organize and make your house clutter-free.

16. Keeping bags safe in one place

Instead of shoving your bags or girls’ bags under the bed storage, the best thing is to get these bags hanging storage to keep them safe so they can retain their shape, stay scratch-free for a long time.

17. Bath toys organizers

Do your kids play with toys while they take shower or bathe? You might want to get these bath toys organizer. This will help you avoid any moldy toys by keeping them dry.

18. Organizing Board Games

While kids are growing up, things keep piling up with new stuff. Some kids are fond of board games like monopoly. If you have a relatively small space, the best thing is to get a closet hanging organizer or cubby organizer to safely organize and store board games.

This over the door organizer can be used for anything that needs to be organized in a space-saving manner.

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Tips and ideas on how to organize baby’s nursery when you have a small space.

16 cleaning hacks for moms to have mess-free motherhood.

organizing hacks
How to plan a budget-friendly birthday party for kids

How to plan a budget-friendly birthday party for kids

Do you want to plan an event that stands out, and you do not want to go broke paying for all that event planning services? If yes, then this post is for you.  

Planning a birthday party for your kids, a friend or planning a small family event in a super affordable way may seem impossible, but it is not anymore.

Planning an event is a tough task, especially if you have a busy schedule and you may want to pay someone and get it done. Well, even that is okay if you have enough expense to celebrate a birthday and you are not worried about taking care of everything except paying the costs.

There are plenty of event planning services that are doing phenomenal events like birthdays, baby showers and so much more, but you can always think about saving money and plan a super fun themed birthday party or a baby shower for less.

However, if you do not want to spend too much money yet you want to have a beautiful themed party, then we have got you covered. 

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How to plan a budget-friendly event for your kids

First, you need to know what event it is. 

A birthday party 

A baby shower 

A bridal shower 

Baby’s arrival celebration. 

Baby’s first birthday 

Then you need to decide if you want to follow a character theme or just a beautiful color theme like

Girls Character Themes

  • Unicorn
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Frozen 
  • Dory
  • Dora

Color Themes for girls

  • Black and gold
  • Pink, white and grey
  • White and yellow 
  • White and purple 
  • Lilac, purple, grey
  • Dark Pink, white and light pink 
  • Green and white
  • Gold and white
  • Silver and gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Polka dots

Here you can see Girls color theme garland.

Pro-tip: Making these garlands may seem intimidating, but it is not. It is easier than you think. All you need is an electric inflator. Everything else is included in the kit. You may want to save the rest of it for some other event in the family.

Character themes for boys

  • Cars 
  • Paw patrol 
  • Jungle Safari
  • Mickey Mouse 
  • Construction vehicles 
  • Black and white stripe with yellow or green 
  • Blue, white and grey
  • Black, white and grey
  • White, light green and grey for expected boy baby shower

Here are the Balloon garlands for boys’ birthday parties.

For one or a two-year-old, it is totally up to you. You do not have to follow a character party, once kids grow up they are going to tell you what character theme they like to have.

Once you have decided what color you want to choose. 

Plan an outfit for the day

Whether it be a birthday party or a  baby shower, you need to know what color dress birthday guy or girl needs to wear. 

You may want to have a look for beautiful birthday dresses for kids.

Decide about Shoes and accessories for the event

Girls need more accessories than boys, so you need to decide what they are going to wear, from shoes, socks, underwear, necklace, tiara, bangles, and of course, hair accessories. 

Check out cute birthday accessories here.

Balloon Garland and decorations appropriate for an event 

Balloons are the fun part of any birthday or baby shower event. Balloon garland you can get from Amazon as per your choice of colors and all you have to need is an inflator. 

It is a beautiful time of the year, a fall season and a lot of events are planned for fall colors theme.

You may want to check out fall colors balloons garlands for your baby shower or bridal shower.

You can create a beautiful garland in less than 20 bucks. All you need is an electric inflator.  Just an FYI, these inflators are kind of loud but it ain’t too bad.

Plan a birthday party
Photography by Studio94

Dessert Table decorations 

If you are planning to put up a dessert table, then you need a table cover according to your color theme.

Check out some pretty table covers here.

Also, you may want to add a table skirt. You can choose your favorite from here.

Cake serving dish is optional, and you may want to use or not. It totally depends on what kind of cake you are getting for the event.

Dessert table makes an event look more celebrated and needless to say, far more pretty than a regular cake on a table. You can check out some dessert table decorations for the dessert table according to your budget to spend on an event.

Party Favors

Cake, Cookies, and Candies

The cake is the biggest attraction for any event you plan. If you want a budget-friendly cake, that is not costing you half of your savings, I would highly recommend you to get a sheet cake from Wegmans.

Vanilla cake with Whipped cream and mixed Fruits is my most favorite. I am sure you can never go wrong with a mixed fruit cake.

Costco Sheet cake is easy in your pocket, not crazy expensive and sure is delicious.

You can either decorate sheet cake by yourself by adding your child’s favorite toy and make it colorful with edible color decorations.

Check out your kids’ favorite cake topper toys for cake decorations.

Moreover, a cake topper is a must as your cake looks super fancy and gives a richer look at a less budget.

You can create cookies at home or get customized ones from local pastry shops. You can also get ready-to-go from Safeway, giant, Walmart, Wegmans, Target, whole food or you can get custom made as well. 

Pro-tip: If you have an event at the end of the calendar year, you can still use leftover candy from Halloween celebrations.

Find out 18 ways to use your extra candy from Halloween celebrations.

For other birthday treats you can choose either of these options as your budget allows. rest assured you can organize a wonderful event in a reasonable budget.

You can pick any of the following for dessert table decorations to make it seem like an event planning service.

Cake pops or Cupcakes 

Color-matched M&Ms or a candy or trail mix 

Party Favors in Mason jars if you want that to be fancy.

Party favor bags or boxes,

You can also get personalized ribbons for the event to tie party favor boxes, mason jars, etc.

Thank you stickers on your mason jars or party favor boxes. If you are curious, these are Thank you stickers we have used on Mason jars.

Moreover, if you are interested in putting up Thank you tag instead of a sticker then you may want to check out thank you tags here.

Dessert Table for events
Photography by Studio94

Planning the food menu

You can do tortilla chips with dip for kids and adults as an appetizer. Everyone is going to enjoy and love it. 

 Tortilla roll-up depending on the number of guests

Cheese Pizza for kids 

Soda, juice or water whatever is your preference for kids and adults. 

Food is as per your guests’ choice, either you can get it made from a restaurant or a local catering service.

Kids or adults activities

You may want to plan kids’ activities for a birthday party or an event if you are expecting more kids due to kids-oriented events.

Also for baby and bridal shower, you sure want to plan a baby shower game or bridal shower game.

Baby shower games that you can get from Amazon as quickly as in 2 days.

Bridal Shower game cards you can find on Amazon.

Although it may seem like too many options to choose from still it is worth your time and effort, instead of paying someone 350 bucks just for a garland is insane.

If you really want your event to stand out even it is celebrated in a hall or at your house, still, it is surely going to save you a lot of money.

Check out some awesome suggestions for toddlers’ gift ideas.

Planning a birthday party on low budget
Gift Ideas for toddlers

Gift Ideas for toddlers

Looking for gifts ideas for toddlers?

Choosing a gift that is fun and educational for toddlers gets a little tricky. You need to keep the kid’s interest in mind while getting a gift for your loved ones.

Although kids love playing with toys still they get bored with their toys pretty fast. They anxiously wait for the whole year for birthday gifts or Christmas presents. The excitement of new toy gifts is something that cannot be denied.

While some parents or family want to buy expensive gifts for kids for Christmas or birthdays, however, some may not want to overspend.

This gift guide would help you choose the best toy for your loved ones that are budget-friendly, useful for educational and mental development, and also super fun.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Best Gift Ideas for toddlers

Bike for one-year-old

This manual bike is so much fun for one-year-old babies. Babies love to move cars, trucks, bikes and that is what they enjoy the most.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a 1-year-old and up, this bike is perfect for indoor fun when kids are not being able to go outside for activities. Also, it is super helpful for an early walker.

Strider pedal-less bike for toddlers

This strider pedal-less bike is good for 18 months old to 3 years old. If you decide to buy this, do not forget to get a helmet and knee pads for your little one.

Piarrow 3 in 1 convertible tricycle

This tricycle is ideal for kids aged 2 and up. It can be used as a scooter and it grows as your child grows.

Battery Operated bike for 1-3 years old

My 3-year-old son is obsessed with bikes and cars. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for your 3-year-old or a birthday present, this is what he is going to love.

Tricycle – lightweight tricycle for 1 to 3 years old

Tricycle is a great option for toddlers as they are learning how to ride a cycle, and pedaling. Moreover, it will help your child to learn how to maneuver a vehicle in a better way.

Toy Drill for toddlers

Toddler boys love drill machines especially if they are power tools and do some real drilling.

You can check out some more power drills here for toddlers.

If you are looking for gift ideas for 3 years old boy, then this is what you need.

Basketball hoop toy

This is a perfect indoor activity playset for 3 to 4 years old and a perfect Christmas present for more than one kid so they can play together and have more fun.

Dust, mop playset by Melissa and Doug

I am a true fun of Melissa and Doug toys. This is one of their popular toys and it is super helpful in learning the idea of cleanup and practically doing it.

This pretend play playset can be an ideal gift for one or more kids.

Chef kitchen playset

A perfect gift for girls and boys to have a fun activity in the kitchen and be creative.

Fischer price serving truck

This Fischer price serving truck is a fun activity especially in winter when kids have to stay indoors. You can always choose this as winter birthdays for kids and holiday presents. Kids are absolutely going to love it.

Grocery Cart for kids

My kids loves playing with grocery cart. You would not regret getting this for kids as it is going to teach them how to maneuver it in real life.

Workshop playset

Boys who love using tools and working on cars would absolutely love these workshop playset.

For more workshop playset click here.

Kitchen sink playset

Kids love playing with water and this is a fun activity toy for 2 to 3 years old boys and girls.

Kidkraft Laundry Playset

Having kids familiar with household chores with this fun laundry playset.

V-Tech drill and learn toolbox

This is a perfect gift for 2 years old boys who love playing with toolsets.

Baby Shark Dancing Doll

Baby shark has been the most popular character and song for this year and now shark toys have won the toys game altogether. You can never go wrong with choosing this as a gift for your toddlers.

Check out some more baby shark toys here.

Woodyotime Talking Unicorn Toy

Unicorn is another favorite for kids. Toddlers are going to love this interactive talking plush unicorn toy.

You can check out some more Unicorn toy options here.

Rainbow Stacking Game toy

Fun and the educational toy is a perfect gift for toddlers this holiday season. This will help to keep kids busy indoors when you cannot do outside activities due to cold weather.

Gift ideas under $25

Kids stone Kitchen playset with cutting, utensils.

Groceries play food set

Doctors pretend playset

Pretend play dish wash and dry

Wooden race track for toddlers

Big red barn playset for toddlers

I hope you found these gift options helpful for Christmas this year.

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Budget-friendly gift ideas for homemaker moms.

Gift ideas for dads.

Baby shower gift ideas for babies.

toddler gift ideas for Christmas
Inexpensive Activities Ideas for Kids to keep them busy

Inexpensive Activities Ideas for Kids to keep them busy

Kids’ toys are expensive and they play a couple of times and then they start getting bored of their toys. Also, kids tend to grow out of their toys pretty fast, so typically, every day is a new day for a fancy toy.

Babies and Kids definitely need age-appropriate toys for their brain development, hand-eye coordination, and sensory development.

Since toys are expensive, and to be honest, sometimes parents do not feel the need to get a new toy.

There are days when toddlers would love to play with anything but toys. They seem to be more interested in adults belongings like mom’s makeup, dad’s tools box rather than their own super-expensive toys. Keeping this kind of attitude in mind, mom needs some ideas on what to do.

My kids hover around me all the time. When I am in the kitchen, they want to open drawers and cabinets to find anything that interests them. Not to my great surprise, they love playing with ladles, spoons, containers, and whatnot and every time I make sure there is nothing sharp in there or unsafe for them.

Parents need to know how to how to childproof their home. It is very essential indeed.

The best way is to teach kids along the way – what’s safe and what’s not, they are smart creatures, they will understand it eventually.

After buying tons and tons of hot wheels cars for my son, he would play with them just for a couple of hours and we are done.

Keeping this kind of attitude in mind, I came up with the idea of creating a box, container, bin, or bag, that is super inexpensive and great for moms who do not want to spend on toys every day.

You can create anything out of your closet that works for your kids. Something that could keep them engaged in an activity and also it should be age-appropriate for your kids as well as safe for them.

You can add stuff as per your kids’ age and create a “busy random box” with something out of what you have sitting in your kitchen or room closet.

Caution: Make sure any of this stuff does not have a choking hazard and are absolutely kids friendly.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Kids inexpensive activity bin ideas

Get a medium size storage box, bin or a container and put all the miscellaneous stuff that you may not need anymore. I am not suggesting in any way to be wasteful with the food items. That being said, you know what your child needs and how you can make it a learning experience for her.

1.Kids Kitchen activity bin ideas

You can create an inexpensive bin from random kitchen stuff you already have that is safe for kids. Also, you can empty one of the drawers or a kitchen cabinet and fill it up with stuff your kids can get busy with.

You may want to include things like;

  • Measuring spoons
  • Funnels
  • Rolling pin
  • Cookie roller
  • Small and safe gadgets with no sharp ends
  • Toss in some pasta or cereals
  • Ladles
  • Small plastic cups plates
  • spoons
  • kids spoons, forks or knives (age-appropriate)
  • Coasters

Make sure these things do not have sharp ends.

Depends on your kitchen and house configuration, some days you may want to toss in some ice cubes, or raw pasta, etc.

On the hard floor or kitchen table, you can do ice painting, it is messy though but it saves you so much sanity for that day.

Although it may get messy still you have to plan a cleanup wisely.

Here are easy cleaning hacks for moms you do not want to miss.

2. Activity bin from stuff around the house

Sometimes you notice kids playing around in the house with just one thing they like the most for a few days and after that they pick on something else that interests them more.

Typically, when there are two kids -not too far apart – play together for a long time and learn to share stuff with each other.

Things you can include in any random activity box, bin, container, that can keep kids engaged for a long time, and are easily available.

All you have to think of anything that can be included in a box.

Especially if you have two with less age difference. This could be a pretty engaging activity.

  • keys chains
  • old keys or car keys (not with remotes)
  • remote control without batteries
  • an empty perfume bottle
  • empty chapstick with nothing inside
  • closet dividers
  • Coasters
  • Dry Markers so there is no risk of messy stains on your walls
  • wallet

My daughter and son (2.5, 4) love fixing stuff like hammering, using a screwdriver. Every day they just want to have a REAL screws driver and fix their cars, doors, and whatnot.

Even though It requires a lot of supervision and for big kids or small kids, drill machine toys are so much fun and entertaining for toddlers.

You can create a random box with some of this stuff.

  • kids’ screwdrivers,
  • long lost kids’ screws from their playsets,
  • detached wheels.
  • a hammer

As a parent, keeping kids safety your top priority.

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How you can keep kids safe at home by efficient childproofing.

3. Toddler Girls activity Box

To engage girls in an activity you can use this stuff

  • Bangles
  • necklace
  • comb
  • Clean makeup brushes and of course real ones
  • an empty perfume bottle
  • an empty lotion bottle
  • You can also add in toy make-up stuff that is available.
  • empty chapstick

4. Shower Activity bin

My kids spend plenty of time in the shower and every time they are super excited for the shower. They keep adding stuff to their bathroom bin and have more and more fun.

  • hair-dye brush if you happen to color your hair at home
  • Hair dye bowl
  • scrub Sponge
  • Loofah
  • toothbrush
  • anything else you want to include
  • cars
  • Toy utensils
  • Fidget spinner

Always be sure these things do not have any chemicals on and are safe for kids’ use. However, just to be safe it is a good practice to wash them.

5. Toddler Boys activity box

Boys love cars. They eat, sleep and breathe cars. My son is obsessed with wheels or anything that spins like propellers. So if you have anything that spins and you don’t need anymore, do not trash and save it, that can be super fun for kids.

Things you may want to include in a vehicles activity bin are;

  • Cars
  • Small vehicles
  • construction vehicles
  • Animals
  • Uncooked Pasta
  • beans
  • lentils
  • Rocks

Although these bins with sand and other stuff could get messy still you need to have these activities to keep your kids busy.

6. Glue station Activity

Kids love sticking stuff and especially if that makes it a messy activity.

If you have any random toys around the house which your kids can stick on a wooden board or sheet where it can stick then it would be a fun activity.

You can use

  • Small Toys
  • popsicle sticks
  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Pom Poms
  • Cotton swabs
  • Cotton rounds
  • you can stick cotton rounds and paint them
  • Knobs
  • Anything that can actually stick with glue

7. Outdoor Activities for kids

Some days you can create an activity station outside of your house depending on how much space you have outside your home.

Sidewalk chalk activity is a fun outdoor activity for kids.

A car wash or a Scooty bike wash activity is super fun for kids. My son loves playing with soap foam and a sponge. This can keep kids engaged for a long time however, you still have to supervise them at all times.

Outside drive-way or sidewalk painting activity is fun during the spring-summer time. Just add in baking soda in your paint palette so it would expand a lot more.

I hope you will find these ideas helpful to keep your little ones engaged throughout the day with a blend of fun and learning.

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Veggies painting and Homemade slime activity for kids.

Potty training tips for 3-year-old boys.

Cleaning hacks for moms to have less messy motherhood.

Comment below and share your favorite activities with kids other than toys that can earn you a quiet time once in a blue moon.

Potty training tips for boys

Potty training tips for boys

Potty training is a stressful phase for moms and dads. Especially if you are potty training boys, it can be extra challenging to train stubborn boys. Some experts say that boys stay a little longer in diapers than girls. They believe boys are more active, so they just do not want to ditch diapers. Another reason could be since girls share the same gender as moms’ so it is easier for them to relate.  

Typically, during pre-potty training phase, we have too many concerns, like; How to potty train boys?

What schedule to follow when you are in the process of potty training?


Most importantly, when is the right time to start potty training?

In this post, I am going to cover all these questions.

Some moms may have been successful in training their kids around as early as 18 months to 2 years old, regardless of gender. Readiness may vary for every kid so you should not ignore signs to see when your child is ready.

If you are struggling with potty training your boy, then these tips are for you. Read on these helpful tips on potty training boys.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Potty Training Tips for boys

Here are the tips that works best for potty training boys and most of them could work for girls too.

1. Do not stress and do not rush

This one is for mommies. I know how stressful and expensive the diaper phase is for kids, but let me tell you, every child is different and he eventually gets it at his own pace.

Do not stress, you would not see any 20 years old peeing his pants (only if he doesn’t have a medical condition). 

Give your boy some time to be able to understand the concept. I would suggest you wait if you think your child is not ready. 

2. Are YOU ready to potty train?

This one is for mommies. Are you mentally and physically ready to potty train? It requires patience, energy, perseverance and a lot of determination. If you are expecting another child, it is ideal to wait depending on the circumstances and the configuration of your house. 

You do not want to run around with a toddler all the way up and down.

3. Is your child ready to be potty trained?

You have to see if your child is ready. Is he able to understand the concept? Is he getting somewhere when you started this whole potty training thing? 

If your child is not showing any signs of readiness then wait for another couple more months and try again later. 

From my experience, you will know in a day or two if he is ready or not. If yes, continue, but if your child is not ready, do not bother to pursue. It would take up so much energy, time, accidents, patience and sometimes still gets nowhere. 

The most significant sign of your child is not ready, he seems super scared with a toilet seat or flushing sound. 

Also, he is scared of sitting on the seat with a fear to fall down. In that case first, you have to get your child familiar with a toilet seat.

You may notice your child jumps off the couch, bed, or a chair, all of a sudden (where he was sitting) and stay standing for a while, which means it’s a wee time. It also means he now understands the urge to pee.

In addition to that, once you notice, your child is showing one or two signs of being ready for potty training, you should start explaining to him how this process going to work. Try to make up his mind for this whole new adventure for the next couple of months and then start over.

This would help him get hands-on experience with something much awaited. Also, do not forget to motivate him with an exciting reward in the end.

Another most important sign, your child wants to stay clean. If he tells you to change a diaper as soon as he is done with a business, it implies dirty diaper is bothering him now.

Get him these awesome and super helpful potty training books.

4. No big event coming up when you start potty training  

Start potty training when you do not have any big thing coming up because you need to have a whole two months of time-frame at least, to have your child learn this peeing and pooping skill. 

For instance, if your child is expecting a sibling arrival, then it is a good time to wait, or you may want to try attempting, (if he is 3+) there is a chance he would get it depending on his age and understanding level. 

“Keep trying” is the key, you never know when it is your lucky day.

5. Have your child get familiar with a toilet seat 

My son was scared of the toilet seat, and I ordered the small toilet seat for him to have him get familiar with toilet seat thingy.

He would sit there but would not do ANYTHING. 

However, you can use this potty training seat with a step ladder to have them get to the seat easily depending on the configuration of your bathroom.

6. Do not use training pants the whole day except nights 

Put on diaper at night in the beginning and see if it is wet or dry when he wakes up in the morning. Take it off first thing in the morning and do not put it on till the night. 

You can have him wear an easy to pull off shorts during the daytime until he learns it. If you want you can skip underwear or briefs for the whole potty training phase.

You can also use these lightly padded training pants. or pull up diapers for potty training.

Tip: If you are starting around 2.5 to 3 years of age do not start with anything that makes him feel dry even after having a pee or poop accident.

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Another super helpful tip: If your child poops in a training pull up diaper, Just tear or cut the diaper from the sides to avoid mess all over your child’s legs.

7. Start during a favorable Weather 

You may want to choose summer season to potty train over the winter season. During the winter season, you cannot have him stay all day long bare legs or wear shorts. 

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8. Time bathroom trips at regular intervals in the beginning

When you start with the process, take him to the toilet every 15 minutes and gradually increase the time. Have him sit and ask him to pee. He may not be doing it for the first time but keep trying.

 If he pees bring him again in another 15 minutes and so on. 

If he doesn’t for the first time, you may want to try after 5 minutes again and then start timing. 

Gradually increase the time to 20 to 30 minutes and then an hour with a first few days of potty training. 

Stay consistent with this and keep doing this method for 4 to 5 days in the beginnings. Once you are confident that he understood this concept, stretch the pee time to 2 hours. 

Mind you, you may have to remind him to go pee and take him along for the next couple of months. 

Sometimes you stop reminding and think he would tell you, in that case, accidents are very likely. 

Always teach him to sit first and then have him learn how to pee while standing. If you would not teach him to sit and pee, there is a less chance of him pooping in the toilet. Also, make sure he points his penis down while sitting on the toilet seat.

Learning to poop may take time and sometimes it is a hit or miss. Always encourage to sit on the toilet seat.

9. When to remove night time diapers 

When you think your child has got pee and poop concept pretty well, and he is waking up with dry diapers, you may want to remove it altogether. 

You may want to take him to pee in the middle of the night once he learns how to pee while standing. Also, take him to go pee, first thing in the morning. 

Learning this skill takes time but kids get it eventually.

10. Protect your bed and sofas

For night time, use waterproof mattress pads for kids to protect your bed from accidents. However, you can take him to the toilet in the middle of the night once he is trained enough. 

If you are co-sleeping, you need a waterproof mattress pad for your bed too.

Protect your sofas with waterproof sofa covers

Let me tell you, with diapers, it is all dry and clean feel all the time, a couple of accidents are helpful to understand the concept of being wet.

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11. Monitoring facial expressions and being on top of his schedule 

You really have to be on top of your toddler’s pee schedule. You have to remind every half an hour to two hours.  Gradually increase the time interval depending on how your toddler is responding to this new thing. 

You have to keep an eye on your child’s facial expressions to understand when and what action is required.

12. Not going back to diapers 

Once your child is diaper-free for a couple of weeks and doing well, do not go back to diapers for your own convenience, like in travel or change of place. Unless you do not have access to any bathroom or public restrooms. 

If your child is old enough to understand the concept, bringing back diapers would confuse him even more. However, this does not mean that you keep him diaper free in extreme cases when he should not be. Be your own judge and decide what you think is your child’s best interest.

Instead of using diapers, you can use these lightly padded training pants.

13. Ditch diapers altogether

As a general rule, If you are starting potty training when your child is above 3 years old, I would highly recommend you to take off his diaper completely except for the nights. 

However, once your child gets trained, you should involve him in ditching the diapers altogether. Have him donate it to someone, a friend’s younger child and do not forget to celebrate this big achievement with him.

14. If he is not getting it, be patient, and try again after a few weeks

When your child is in the process of learning this new skill, be considerate, patient and do not get mad at your kid even if it ends up with an accident. 

It takes time to learn a new skill of peeing and pooping. Learning to hold on to pee and poop may take time. Being upset would do no good but harm. 

15. What to do when you are going outside  – Explore different bathrooms 

I would recommend start going to places when you are in the potty training phase and your child is responding positively to this new thing. This will help him understand this in a better way.

When kids are on this potty training journey they might want to see toilets everywhere they go, not to pee just for fun. If your child says “I need to go pee”, take him, otherwise you can distract him with something else when you know he has no urgency (depends on liquid intake). 

16. Liquid intake more or less

Well, this whole potty training thing varies as per your child’s liquid intake. If your child drinks plenty of water, expect more frequent bathroom trips and more chances of wet bed at night.

You can control moderate liquids intake (more or less) during this potty training phase.

17. Pooping in the toilet could be challenging

Some boys may take more time to start pooping in the toilet. They just want to have a diaper on for poop. No matter what, they would not want to use the toilet.

In that case, you may want to wait for your child to feel ready to do it.

Even if that seems impossible, just give him some time and he would get it before you even know it. Moreover, you have to encourage him to first sit down and then pee. Chances are he may not be able to resist a bowel movement any longer.

Kids love water, you can use a hand-held bidet or a watering can to wash their bottom instead of wiping it with a toilet paper. Trust me, this will be so exciting for them and would be willing to come to use the toilet.

18. Lots of appreciation or Reward system

Appreciate your child extravagantly when he pees or poops for the first time and every proceeding episode. This will help him feel encouraged and create a willingness to learn faster.

  • You can offer him candy, or a toy as a reward.
  • Create more excitement with some fun shorts.
  • Celebrate his success with balloons.

Potty training Regression

Potty training regression gets real when your child may get back to diapers after being fully trained and have frequent accidents during the day. There are a number of factors that lead to potty training regression.

  1. Change of place – you may have moved on to a new place lately.

2. New sibling- your child feels he is getting less attention due to a new baby in the family.

3. Guests around- if there are some guests in your house and somehow your child feels strange about it.

4. Traveling – Sometimes due to traveling, potty training does not seem to be working the way it used to.

5. School: Starting school and dealing with a new environment could be one of the reasons for this potty training regression.

If your child goes to school or expected to start school any time soon, you must be aware of the signs of anxiety, which is known to be a common behavior among preschool-aged kids. Here is what you need to know about frequent urination after being fully potty trained.

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Comment and share your tips for potty training that worked for you.

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