How to plan a budget-friendly birthday party for kids

How to plan a budget-friendly birthday party for kids

Do you want to plan an event that stands out, and you do not want to go broke paying for all that event planning services? If yes, then this post is for you.  

Planning a birthday party for your kids, a friend or planning a small family event in a super affordable way may seem impossible, but it is not anymore.

Planning an event is a tough task, especially if you have a busy schedule and you may want to pay someone and get it done. Well, even that is okay if you have enough expense to celebrate a birthday and you are not worried about taking care of everything except paying the costs.

There are plenty of event planning services that are doing phenomenal events like birthdays, baby showers and so much more, but you can always think about saving money and plan a super fun themed birthday party or a baby shower for less.

However, if you do not want to spend too much money yet you want to have a beautiful themed party, then we have got you covered. 

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How to plan a budget-friendly event for your kids

First, you need to know what event it is. 

A birthday party 

A baby shower 

A bridal shower 

Baby’s arrival celebration. 

Baby’s first birthday 

Then you need to decide if you want to follow a character theme or just a beautiful color theme like

Girls Character Themes

  • Unicorn
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Frozen 
  • Dory
  • Dora

Color Themes for girls

  • Black and gold
  • Pink, white and grey
  • White and yellow 
  • White and purple 
  • Lilac, purple, grey
  • Dark Pink, white and light pink 
  • Green and white
  • Gold and white
  • Silver and gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Polka dots

Here you can see Girls color theme garland.

Pro-tip: Making these garlands may seem intimidating, but it is not. It is easier than you think. All you need is an electric inflator. Everything else is included in the kit. You may want to save the rest of it for some other event in the family.

Character themes for boys

  • Cars 
  • Paw patrol 
  • Jungle Safari
  • Mickey Mouse 
  • Construction vehicles 
  • Black and white stripe with yellow or green 
  • Blue, white and grey
  • Black, white and grey
  • White, light green and grey for expected boy baby shower

Here are the Balloon garlands for boys’ birthday parties.

For one or a two-year-old, it is totally up to you. You do not have to follow a character party, once kids grow up they are going to tell you what character theme they like to have.

Once you have decided what color you want to choose. 

Plan an outfit for the day

Whether it be a birthday party or a  baby shower, you need to know what color dress birthday guy or girl needs to wear. 

You may want to have a look for beautiful birthday dresses for kids.

Decide about Shoes and accessories for the event

Girls need more accessories than boys, so you need to decide what they are going to wear, from shoes, socks, underwear, necklace, tiara, bangles, and of course, hair accessories. 

Check out cute birthday accessories here.

Balloon Garland and decorations appropriate for an event 

Balloons are the fun part of any birthday or baby shower event. Balloon garland you can get from Amazon as per your choice of colors and all you have to need is an inflator. 

It is a beautiful time of the year, a fall season and a lot of events are planned for fall colors theme.

You may want to check out fall colors balloons garlands for your baby shower or bridal shower.

You can create a beautiful garland in less than 20 bucks. All you need is an electric inflator.  Just an FYI, these inflators are kind of loud but it ain’t too bad.

Plan a birthday party
Photography by Studio94

Dessert Table decorations 

If you are planning to put up a dessert table, then you need a table cover according to your color theme.

Check out some pretty table covers here.

Also, you may want to add a table skirt. You can choose your favorite from here.

Cake serving dish is optional, and you may want to use or not. It totally depends on what kind of cake you are getting for the event.

Dessert table makes an event look more celebrated and needless to say, far more pretty than a regular cake on a table. You can check out some dessert table decorations for the dessert table according to your budget to spend on an event.

Party Favors

Cake, Cookies, and Candies

The cake is the biggest attraction for any event you plan. If you want a budget-friendly cake, that is not costing you half of your savings, I would highly recommend you to get a sheet cake from Wegmans.

Vanilla cake with Whipped cream and mixed Fruits is my most favorite. I am sure you can never go wrong with a mixed fruit cake.

Costco Sheet cake is easy in your pocket, not crazy expensive and sure is delicious.

You can either decorate sheet cake by yourself by adding your child’s favorite toy and make it colorful with edible color decorations.

Check out your kids’ favorite cake topper toys for cake decorations.

Moreover, a cake topper is a must as your cake looks super fancy and gives a richer look at a less budget.

You can create cookies at home or get customized ones from local pastry shops. You can also get ready-to-go from Safeway, giant, Walmart, Wegmans, Target, whole food or you can get custom made as well. 

Pro-tip: If you have an event at the end of the calendar year, you can still use leftover candy from Halloween celebrations.

Find out 18 ways to use your extra candy from Halloween celebrations.

For other birthday treats you can choose either of these options as your budget allows. rest assured you can organize a wonderful event in a reasonable budget.

You can pick any of the following for dessert table decorations to make it seem like an event planning service.

Cake pops or Cupcakes 

Color-matched M&Ms or a candy or trail mix 

Party Favors in Mason jars if you want that to be fancy.

Party favor bags or boxes,

You can also get personalized ribbons for the event to tie party favor boxes, mason jars, etc.

Thank you stickers on your mason jars or party favor boxes. If you are curious, these are Thank you stickers we have used on Mason jars.

Moreover, if you are interested in putting up Thank you tag instead of a sticker then you may want to check out thank you tags here.

Dessert Table for events
Photography by Studio94

Planning the food menu

You can do tortilla chips with dip for kids and adults as an appetizer. Everyone is going to enjoy and love it. 

 Tortilla roll-up depending on the number of guests

Cheese Pizza for kids 

Soda, juice or water whatever is your preference for kids and adults. 

Food is as per your guests’ choice, either you can get it made from a restaurant or a local catering service.

Kids or adults activities

You may want to plan kids’ activities for a birthday party or an event if you are expecting more kids due to kids-oriented events.

Also for baby and bridal shower, you sure want to plan a baby shower game or bridal shower game.

Baby shower games that you can get from Amazon as quickly as in 2 days.

Bridal Shower game cards you can find on Amazon.

Although it may seem like too many options to choose from still it is worth your time and effort, instead of paying someone 350 bucks just for a garland is insane.

If you really want your event to stand out even it is celebrated in a hall or at your house, still, it is surely going to save you a lot of money.

Check out some awesome suggestions for toddlers’ gift ideas.

Planning a birthday party on low budget
Post-Halloween Candy – Ideas on what you can do with extra candy

Post-Halloween Candy – Ideas on what you can do with extra candy

Candy is one of the biggest attractions for kids and adults that starts with Halloween every year. Big events like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. New year Eve till valentine’s day, are all about candies.

No doubt, the fun of going trick or treat down the neighborhood is much awaited all year long. Some of the big stores and schools follow the tradition of trick or treat and distribute candies. In the end, it’s going to be A LOT of candies.

Of course, it is a lot of sugar, and kids do not want to think about it as they are too young to understand the ‘TOO MUCH SUGAR” thing.

As a parent, you may want to avoid too much candy for your kids however, at the same time, you do not want to deprive kids of Halloween fun.

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Ideas on what you can do with candies post-Halloween 

Going trick or treat may pile up heaps of candies in your household and as a parent that would be the last thing you want your kids to eat all of their candies at once.

Find out Kids costume and Fun ideas for kids this Halloween

What parents should do with all candies after celebrating Halloween

These are the ideas you can avoid your kids from eating all that candy.

1. Save some candy for Birthdays

You can save candies for kids or family birthday parties if their birthdays are coming up in a couple of months.

Ideally, you should be saving some of the candy for party favors for upcoming birthdays, baby shower, bridal shower, any event that is coming up in your family or friends in a few months.

You can use mason jars or party favor bags or boxes to create cute looking party candies.

2. Save for shakes 

Moreover, you can save chocolates like snickers, Twix, Milky way candies for chocolate shakes as a morning breakfast or evening drink for kids, or to serve guests for a random weekend get together.

3. Save some candy for ice cream sundaes

If you are having a game night or a random party over the weekend, you can make ice cream sundaes in this mini dessert cups.

A couple of scoops of your favorite ice cream served with wafers and top it with a tiny piece of chocolate candy or m&ms.

4. Bake candy in cookies 

You can look up some ideas of making M&m or chocolate candy cookies with Twix or Snickers etc. Either you use ready to make cookie mix or make your own from scratch, you can add whatever candy you like.

That is going to be a perfect snack with a cup of coffee or tea.

5. Bake some candy in brownies Or cakes

Use candies like M&Ms or other chocolate candy to make brownie mix and bake.

6. Decorate cakes 

You can bake a store box cake mix, top it with whipped cream and spread candies on top or fill in cake layers with your favorite candy.

KitKat, Twix or M&Ms would be the best option for cake decorations.

For kids’ birthday cakes, get a sheet cake from Costco and decorate it with leftover chocolates and candies with a cute cake topper. Kids are going to love it. It’s a win-win.

7. Make desserts 

Chop crunchy or hard candies in small pieces and mix them in the cream or not-too-sweet ice cream. Let it cool and enjoy the dessert with a little bit of whipped cream.

Mix Oreo cookies with cream or a corn starch milk pudding. Toss in some chopped candies and let the dessert cool in the refrigerator.

You may want to try Candy corn dessert recipe if you have a bunch of candy corn from Halloween leftover candy stash.

8. Make a Trail mix of m&ms with pretzels and nuts etc

A delicious healthy snack for Thanksgiving gift for your loved ones. Toss in some candies with a mix of cashews, peanuts, pistachio, almonds and fill up mason jars with a lovely thank you note.

9. Donate excess candies 

You can also donate excess candies to schools or donate to anyone who is accepting candies.

10. Take it to the office 

If you are a working mom, you can take it to the office or send it to your partner’s workplace.

11. Send it to the troops 

Many families send the extra candies to the troops and you have to figure out who is collecting candies to send to troops.

12. Ask your doctors’ office if they accept candies 

Moms may need to call the doctor’s office or dentist office and find out who is accepting candies so you can ask your kids to donate candies to their doctors’ office.

13. Save some for thanksgiving dinner

You may want to save some candy for the thanksgiving party. A candy buffet can be set up for any dinner or party and you can use these candy jar with scoopers to set up extra candy for the guests.

14. Save some for holidays desserts 

Besides you can make candy desserts for holidays, you may want to fill up cute boxes with candies and send it along with your gifts to your family, friends, and teachers.

15. Make goody bags and distribute on upcoming events 

Filling up goody bags with leftover extra candies with a tiny toy is a cute goody bag for kids.

16. Take out the candy that may trigger allergies 

Although moms know what kids are allergic still you need to be vigilant. When you are using candies like peanut butter or something similar that people are might allergic too, you would want to take those out before you use in food or add an ingredient note.

17. Trade candy with toys 

Your kids might be interested in giving away all that candy for their favorite toy. This is indeed an awesome idea to bribe kids not to eat too much candy.

18. Offer a healthy Snack or Protein bar

Next time when you open the doors for kids, you may want to give them a healthier snack like a protein bar chocolate-dipped fruits instead of a whole bunch of candies.

Last but not least, you need to be super careful about the expiration dates and best before dates on the candies before using and saving.

Have a sweet holiday season with an idea of making it sweet for others too.

Post Halloween candy ideas

Budget-friendly gift ideas for homemakers

Budget-friendly gift ideas for homemakers

Homemaker moms love getting accessories to decorate their houses to make it home. Indeed home is where the heart is. Homemaking is an art and a super expensive hobby. Thanks to housewarming, birthdays and Christmas when women could get gifts for their homes and love to decorate around the house.

These gift ideas are for moms who love to make their houses feel like a home. If you are looking for gift ideas for mom, friend, teacher, daughter, coworker, or a family member, these ideas could work, also you may want to choose multiple items if you have closed ones to think of.

If you have been visiting my blog, you might know, I do not support unnecessary spending and I highly appreciate gifts that are useful no matter how small or big it is.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Budget-friendly gift ideas for homemakers

Homemaking is a beautiful feel. Whether you are a stay at home mom, working mom or single woman, homemaking can be super relaxing.

These are the nesting gift ideas for bathroom, kitchen or home decor accessories that can be given as a gift to women you love.

Pro-tip: when you are deciding about the receiver’s gift, keep her taste in mind what she/he is going to like.

Bathroom Decorative accessories

Relaxing in a feel-good bathroom is something everyone wants. These bathroom accessories can be a wonderful gift this holiday.

Toilet seat organizer tray

You can buy it here.

Funny Bathroom wall hanging

Isn’t it cute? You can buy them here.

Bathroom accessories mason jar organizer

These mason jar soap dispensers and small mason containers for Q-tips and cotton balls are a perfect accessory for a bathroom. one is super cute and you can order one for yourself too.

Funny half bath wall hanging

This funny bathroom wall hanging is a perfect gift for your witty friend’s house.

You may want to have these cute bathroom wall hangings for gifts this holiday season.

Towel hanging ladder

Isn’t this rustic look hanger look awesome? This hanger your mom friend would like for sure for her bathroom.

Home Decor Gift ideas

Indoor plants are an awesome holiday season gift for your loved ones. You cannot go wrong with these styles for cozy and brighter homes.

Wall hanging decor plant

Decoration plants

The indoor plant decor looks stunning and feels relaxing as well. These plant pots are a perfect decor for every home.

These rustic wall Sconces with LED lights are the best option if you do not want to get into green plants. Also, they are trendy and great for gifts this holiday season.

Table Decor with these Rustic salt and pepper holders.

Rustic look ottoman trays are an awesome gift. You can decorate them with some additional items you like or spread a few limited edition chocolate boxes on top and it makes a perfect holiday gift.

This modern and rustic look tiered tray would be highly appreciated.

You can check out a few more ottoman trays here.

Cushion for living area

These cushions would be a great gift. You can choose color and designs according to the color combinations and design perspective.

4-Panel wall hanging

Having a beautiful wall art amp up the decor for anywhere in the house. If your gift recipient has a minimalist approach, I would say, clean white and black wall hangings are the home gifts.

When you choose a wall art, the image can be misleading. Make sure you are looking at the right size.

Check out some more amazing wall art.

Waterfall decoration piece for beautiful decor.

Check out some more amazing decorative waterfall.

Table Coasters

I love having coasters on the table, not only coaters can substantially enhance the feel of your coffee table also, it can save your tables from getting damaged due to hot or cold beverages. Your family or friends are going to love these coasters as gifts.

Depending on the recipient, coasters that have funny quotes can be an enjoyable gift. However, you can still choose some ethnic or contemporary coasters that everyone likes.

Beautiful Succulents for office desks or living room

Traditional Candles

Beautiful Traditional looking candles are great gifts for your loved ones.

Kitchen Accessories

If your homemaker family or friend loves to decorate her kitchen then you can never go wrong with these Kitchen wall hanging

Kitchen Soap Dispenser

Kitchen wall decor

Kitchen towel set with mittens and fridge magnets

Paper towel holder

Gift basket

This is the gift basket you can use for gift wrapping for your loved ones.

Stack or arrange them nicely in a beautiful gift box, basket and a basket wrap in a clear bag that looks super cute.

Stack everything nicely if you have multiple items. This is another beautiful basket available in pretty colors.

Check out some more gift baskets that are useful.

Clear Plastic Wraps

You can use Clear plastic wraps to wrap your gift in a basket yet it is still visible.

You can use fancy basket ribbons for beautiful gift wrapping and presentation.

This four-color wrapping sheet rolls with cute polka dots look amazing.

You can either get peak-proof, tear-resistant wrapping paper for any occasion or any relationship.

Holidays season is just around the corner and you need to buy plenty of gifts for loved ones and everyone who matters in your life.

For all those pretty gift baskets, this basket filler is a must-have.

If you do not want to buy gift baskets for everyone, you may want to get holidays gift bags and a tissue paper so you do not have to run to the dollar store for gift bags. Buy before the holiday season starts and this would save you tons of time.

Gift boxes for this holiday season gifts is a must-have. Christmas gift boxes are used to pack clothes for loved ones or other small and cute gifts or your loved ones.

These gift ideas are useful and very affordable in your pocket. Of course, you do not want to go broke this holiday season.

Another idea of saving money is buying a gift bag or a box in bulk so you do not have to spend $5 to $6 extra on every gift every time.

22 Travel accessories you do not want to miss for your next flight

22 Travel accessories you do not want to miss for your next flight

Traveling is fun, but it can be super hectic if you are on an insanely long flight or car rides. No matter how long your travel time is you want to make it super relaxing and entertaining.

The longest travel time for one of the flights was 17 hours that was DOHA to Houston. It was crazy to be on the same plane for almost a day. Not to mention it took another 4 hours flight and 4 hours drive to reach the destination. Nevertheless, it was one of a kind “experience” for me.

That being said, during these long flights most of us may have experienced swollen feet due to sitting in the same posture for a long time. When you are traveling in an economy class and you cannot have the luxury of business class, you may want to think of something that can bring you at least a fraction of that luxury to make your travel easier.

I wish I had known about these travel accessories about 10 years ago.

Travel accessories you need for your next flight

Here are a few traveling essential accessories you want to have for the next flight to make your travel a breeze and more enjoyable.

1. Leak-proof Travel bottles and containers

There are chances you already have travel bottles lined up, but these ones are leak proof and you can just fill them up. You do not have to worry about anything messing up your luggage.

2. Airplane Footrest

Swollen feet is real discomfort for most of us. My feet swell up double in size during the flight. You need this for a plane ride when you wish you can put up your feet SOMEWHERE at least. This footrest will help you keep your feet slightly elevated to give you a comfy sleepy ride on a plane.

Buy the travel footrest here.

3. Compression Socks for restless legs

In addition to that, you can also get travel compression socks for that helps with blood circulation throughout the flight. Especially if you are pregnant and traveling. Although it is safe to travel in pregnancy depends on your doctor’s advice still long hours flight is not going to be comfortable.

3. Luggage scale accessories kit

Overweight luggage can be a problem when you have to take out just a few Lbs of weight and adjust your bags right on the airport luggage check-in.

This luggage scale kit has everything you need for your luggage. It has name tags, weighing scale, straps, and locks to keep your belongings safe.

Get the travel locks and luggage scale.

4. Cables organizer

If you are traveling with kids then this is something you need to keep everyone’s iPad charging cables, phone cables, adapters, laptop chargers, in one place. Also, you are not worried about entangled wires anymore.

Check out the cable organizer now.

Another way to keep your cable wires entangled free, you may want to use these Rubber twist ties. They can help you keep your charging cables organized and stress-free.

5. Space-saving compression travel bags

Clothes take up a lot of space in your luggage. Now the luggage size is pretty small that is why it is not easy to adjust all of your garments. These space-saving compression bags would help taking out extra air out of the bags, and make extra room in your luggage for more stuff.

6. Jewelry Organizer

If you are a jewelry lover, then you may want to take these with you while you travel around the world.

This is going to be super helpful and amazing for women and moms who have little girls. Girls accessories are so adorable you can’t get enough of them anyway.

You can also have Vlando Viaggio Jewelry box. It is compact, and it has three compartments so you can adjust your jewelry packing as you like.

7. Neck and leg pillows

This comfy neck and leg pillow can be used in multiple ways – not only for flight but also for car rides too.

It is not only for travel purpose you can also use it at home, however you like.

Get pillow here.

8. Travel hangers

Are you traveling with a baby and other kids? You may need these travel hangers to air dry an outfit or simply hang in your next day outfits. Besides they are portable, foldable, they are in super cute colors that you are going to love.

Travel hangers

9. Zoppen Multipurpose Passport wallet

I cannot emphasize this enough, if you want to have everything in one place while you are traveling, you need this. Zoppen Multipurpose wallet is going to save you so much sanity when it comes to keeping your passport and boarding pass safe on different TSA security checking for various flights and layovers.

Travel multipurpose wallet

10. Travel Laundry Detergent

No one wants to come back with dirty, smelly clothes on the way back. You need laundry bags to keep your messy garments separate. Imagine if you are traveling to the beach, how on earth you are going to protect your clothes from sand and salty water odor?

Sink Sud laundry detergents pack is something you need when you have to keep your clothes clean on the way back.

11. Poo Pourri Odor eliminator

We all need to go for our business even while we are traveling. So why not have this in our back to save yourself from the embarrassment of using a public bathroom or not be a source of discomfort for anyone.

Order poo Pourri now.

Also for those who NEED water to keep your butt clean, this is a travel bidet for every bathroom trip to wash and stay refreshed all day.

Get Travel Bidet here.

12. Travel Mug

If you are a coffee or tea lover, a good coffee mug is truly a blessing. You may want to take one with you if you do not like to use the disposable ones.

Get this hot seller Travel Mug now.

13. Travel Cosmetic Bag

Hanging travel cosmetic or toiletries bag is going to save you so much space in your luggage as well as in your hotel room. It will help you keep everything contained in one place and you can hang it anywhere in your room.

Buy Travel hanging and foldable Cosmetic Bag organizer now.

14. Universal Travel Adapter

One of the challenges of traveling is what to do with a different socket. For instance, you cannot plug in US electronics in Europe or Asian countries without using a converter. There is a socket difference and this adapter comes in with charging ports and as well as various sockets for more than 150 countries.

Get this universal adapter here.

15. Luggage organizers

Imagine your luggage is overweight for a few lbs and you have to open your luggage on the airport. What if your clothes are stuffed in there and suddenly, you get embarrassed for having everything all over the place?

To save yourself from such embarrassment, you need these luggage organizers that will keep your stuff in place and separate. Also, it will help you adjust the heavy item in your luggage.

Keep your luggage organized with these bags.

16. Premoistened sanitizing Hand wipes

Do you know what is the dirtiest part of the aircraft? A study revealed that there are 5 dirtiest places on the airplane. Seat belts, headrest, washroom handles, seat pockets and trays.

Can you imagine traveling without sanitizing wipes on your next flight?

Get hand wipes.

17. Bra Underwear Storage bag

The shape of your bra gets messed up when you stuff it in the luggage bag. You need this bra underwear storage bag to keep your undergarments in one place, safe, and easy to find.

Save bras from getting out of shape with this undergarments organizer.

18. Charging Dock for Apple watch

These days pretty much everyone has an apple watch. What to do when you have to charge it?

This little guy is going to make your life easy.

Get apple watch charger.

19. Travel Wrap and Blanket

Air flights can be severely cold for some of us. Long hours International flights provide you with blankets, but the domestic flights do not have blankets with them. So if you feel cold in airconditioned places, you need to take a blanket with you. This travel wrap is stylish as well as it serves the purpose of keeping you warm.

Buy this travel wrap and blanker now.

20. Vanity mirror with a charging port and lights

Women do need mirror no matter where they are. This vanity mirror has a light as well as it has a charging port. Hence, it’s a win-win.

Travel mirror with lights.

21. Super Functional Backpack

When you are traveling, you need a backpack regardless. This is the one I have and it is absolutely amazing with so many pockets to organize stuff. You can put your laptop, iPad, etc, also it has an inbuilt charging port. Not only for traveling it is great for everyday use too.

Get a travel backpack here.

22. A Good lightweight fully functional Handcarry

If you want to travel, travel light. This is super essential when it comes to traveling. You have to stay minimal in your belongings as well as super organized when you are on the go. This AmazonBasics Handcary is fully functional, lightweight hand carry that can be placed under the seat. Especially if you are traveling with kids, you need something for your kids every other minute. This will be helpful for you to keep it under the seat on your flight.

Buy this carry on bag here.

Travel tips for your air travel

  1. Travel with minimal luggage so you do not have to worry about taking a whole day to unpack and then pack again on your way back.

2. Keep every outfit planned for each day so you are not wasting time to decide what to wear and whatnot.

3. Keep your outfits in separate bags or ziplock bags. Especially for kids, you can use travel bags or ziplock bags to plan an outfit for each day.

4. Keep kids medicine in a clear bag or a zip lock bag for easy access for TSA security check.

5. Use freezer gallon size ziplock bag or compression travel bag to keep kids’ diapers, wipes, changing sheet, and diaper disposal sacks in one place.

6. Always take an extra bag with you when you go for a diaper change, you are going to need it in case of any blowouts.

7. If you are going for a few days, you can take your pills in a pillbox or a ziplock bag if you are not worried about day and time.

8. If you are traveling for months, then it makes sense to keep your toiletries in full-size bottles. However, if you are going for just a few days, use travel bottles and containers for everything that you use. It will save you space in your luggage as well as there will be fewer chances of any bottle blowout.

9. For using different locks on the luggage, do not forget to check the keys of every single lock and put them in a key chain so they do not get lost once you are at the destination.

10. When you are in a transit flight, always go and find the next flight terminal even if you have enough time for the next flight. This will save you last-minute stress when you are running late for your flight and you are still looking for the right airline gate number.

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Travel essentials you need in your hand-carry when you are traveling with kids.

Travel tips for moms traveling with a lap child and a toddler.

Car seat Protector and back seat organizer by BabyLum

Car seat Protector and back seat organizer by BabyLum

This post is in collaboration with BabyLum -Products for Parents. I have received this product for review and I absolutely loved it.

Parenthood is all about feeding those little tummies, teaching kids everything from talking to walking, dealing with the mess and teaching them how to be less messy. Kids do not learn this in one day, it takes time and perseverance. And for that parents need A LOT of patience, means A LOOTTTT of patience.

Kids kick a lot right from the beginning, while they are in the womb till their car seats. They are restless souls.

My husband is obsessed with cars and so as keeping them clean inside out. I remember once my son was kicking the backseat of our car when he actually got really upset about it. We really wanted to have something to protect the back seat and also the seat itself and we immediately got the seat protectors and kick mats.

As we know, infant car seats and big kids car seats, they mess up the back seat of a car. In addition to that, when kids kick the back seats, it gives very visible shoe marks. For car lovers, it is undoubtedly a BIG thing. Although moms are cool about everything yet dads feel awful when something gets messed up in their cars.

We had car seat covers for a long time now and they have pretty much protected out seats, however, we had to buy everything separately, kick mats and car seat protectors for both of our kids’ car seats.

BabyLum, Products for Parents, has an amazing Car Seat Protector and Back Seat Organizer. I have received their product and it has a Back Seat organizer that can also serve the purpose of a kick mat, and you do not have to buy them separately. Also, they are of great quality and has a perfect size that covers your seat well if you have an SUV.

Besides, this product is water-resistant, the biggest plus for having this product is, it has mesh organizing pockets. You can put kids toys in here, bottles, snacks, and napkins, etc. It works great for road trips, and everyday car use.

Most of the seat protectors, are not weather resistant because, if you have leather seats in your car, they may damage your seats during hot weather. And, it is never going to be the same, regardless.

It also has these mess pockets with organizing space in the bottom of the seat covers. You can put anything for kids activities in there.

These covers are great and I highly recommend these babyLum seat protector and back seat organizer. You will not regret buying this product.

Remember, this is coming from someone who already had seat protectors and has been using those for a long time. They are gonna go a long way and most of all, your car will look like NEW even after a few years of parenthood.

You can buy these seat protectors here.

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Cleaning essentials for every household with kids.

Cleaning hack for mom to have less messy motherhood.

Halloween Costumes and candy Ideas for kids

Halloween Costumes and candy Ideas for kids

Halloween is a fun day for kids and adults. For kids, it’s all about having tons of candies in cute buckets and dress up in their favorite costume every year.

Going trick or treat is a fun activity for kids. My kids went to Wegman’s trick or treat for the first time and it was so much entertaining. Kids love dressing up in costumes and getting a cute bucket for candies.

You can choose what costumes and candies you need for your kids this year.

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Halloween Decorations Ideas

Halloween Costumes for babies

Babies look so adorable in Halloween costumes and you should dress them up in one of these.

You can choose some more Halloween costumes from here.

Kids’ Halloween decorations

Do you like to do decorations around the house for Halloween? For more scary Halloween decorations, you can get from Amazon. If you are a prime member, you can get it as early as in 2-day shipping.

Halloween Kids Party Masks

These Halloween party masks for kids are great for trick or treat or you have a party at home. They are super cute and kids enjoy them a lot.

Trick or Treat bucket for kids

This plush bucket is so cute and kids are going to love them.

Glow in the dark candy bowl

This candy bowl is super cute and perfect for Halloween parties.

Spider Candy Serving Dish

Halloween Candy ideas for kids

Kids LOVE candies. All they are excited about candies only. They are cute and scary at the same time.

You can order these Halloween themed candies from Amazon.

Halloween themed Lollipops

Kitkat spooky miniatures

Coloring books for kids

Hershey assortment candy mix

Halloween party favor bags

You need party favor bags for kids parties.

Halloween Costumes for kids

These are some of the most popular costumes you can get for kids this Halloween. You can choose any of these costumes for kids.

You can still choose more Costumes here.