Fun and development activities for 6 – 9 months old babies

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When the baby reaches the 6 months mark, she’ll be experiencing many more physical and mental developmental changes. Babies want to explore more and more every passing day. They become more active and want to conquer so much while crawling and cruising around the house. Parents’ love, time, and undivided attention are the most important parts of a baby’s brain and physical developmental activities. Parent-child interaction is the best activity for babies at any age from newborn stage till they grow up.

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Entertaining Fun and Development activities for 6 to 9 months old babies

Enhance your baby’s mental and physical growth with these development-boosting activities that need no toys, just an entertaining interactive session with you and the baby. These activities will help boost your baby’s skills exponentially.

1. Chest climb 

Baby activities do not have to be complicated. Just have your baby lay down on her tummy and have her climb all the way up. This activity would help strengthen the leg muscles of your baby.

2. Hold hands and have your baby sit up 

As babies reach the milestone of 3 months, they generally become more active and want to conquer more. Sitting up can be your baby’s other fun thing to do as they are able to see things from different angles.

Firmly hold your baby’s hands, have her sit up, and then gently lay her down. This will help strengthen the baby’s back muscles, and spine.

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3. Toy grab

Put different objects or toys on the sides and let your baby reach them while laying down. This would help the baby roll over and learn to crawl early.

While doing tummy time with your baby, make it more fun by putting toys in front of her, and let her reach them herself. Adjust the distance as per your baby’s age. Initially, you should work on your baby to grab toys within arm’s length.

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4. Move objects farther every time your child reaches them 

When your baby starts reaching for the toys, try moving them a little farther, so your baby should try grabbing them. This would help the baby crawl early, as it strengthens arm muscles, and the baby is able to put her body weight on the hands.

5. Put things in front to develop hand-eye coordination 

When your baby starts sitting up, have things in front and let your baby reach and grab. This will help develop hand-eye coordination.

Not to mention, the baby is going to learn to pick things up sooner and bring them closer to the mouth – that is going to help with successful baby-led weaning around 7 to 8 months of age.

6. Imitate Clapping and snapping

Babies are quick learners. Clap your hands, and your baby will try to move hands the same way, snap your fingers and see your baby follow along. Stick your tongue out and there is no way your baby wouldn’t.


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7. Laughing out loud

Have you tried laughing out loud in front of the baby? Or a loud fake sneeze could do the trick.

Baby’s laughter is the most adorable thing that you are going to cherish for a long-long time. Make silly faces, fake loud sneezes, and laugh out loud; these acts will keep your baby entertained for quite a while.

8. Water splash or water activity

Babies at this age have developed innate love for water play. Water activities are a great way to improve their lower back strength. Babies start sitting up around 6 months of age. They can sit and splash water, either in a bathtub or during activity time.

Have a bowl filled up with water, put some floating toys or colorful balls in it, and let your baby have fun while sitting in a high chair.

Do not forget to put on a splat mat, a towel, or a yoga mat to avoid any major water spill damages.

9. Pop the Bubbles

Kids at any age enjoy making bubbles and popping them. Babies are no less. They love to see bubbles and try to touch them. You can keep your baby entertained and engaged in learning at the same time with this fun popping bubble activity.

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10. Fun with colors

At the age of 4 to 6 months, babies start seeing colors as adults do. Set up colorful activities for them by using colorful spaghetti and let your baby have fun.

Besides keeping your baby busy, do not forget to talk to them – tell them about colors. The more your talk to them, the better are the chances for them to talk early and have better communication skills.

11. Make edible colorful liquids for babies

At the age of 6 months, babies have already started taking semi-solids depending on when you wanted to introduce solids.

Make colorful yogurt purees and let your baby have fun painting with that on a large piece of paper. Dip your baby’s hands in a colorful mix and explore hand painting on paper.

You can also make fruit purees and let your baby have fun with leftovers. The good thing is that you do not have to worry about your baby putting anything in her mouth.

Please remember to make all the right arrangements for less messy activities so you do not have to spend hours and hours cleaning.


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Babies love to drop everything to see the falling effect. They are learning. Make sure you have your floor covered with a waterproof protecting cover like a splat pad. So you do not have to worry about cleaning.

Here is the recipe for delicious semolina pudding for babies. Add food colors and make pudding colorful and edible texture for your little one to have fun.

12. Stacking toys or blocks

While toys are a great tool to enhance babies’ growth and development, it is important to get a perfect toy for the right age. At the age of 6 months, these colorful stacking toys are fun and a great learning experience for your little one.

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13. Singing and dancing

Have your baby sit in the lap, hold your baby’s hands and sing a rhyme, an ABC song by gently moving her body and hands. Make sure your baby is safe and you are not dancing vigorously.

14. Reading a book

Babies love listening to their moms talking or reading. Have your baby sit in the lap, and facing forward, hold a book that has colorful pictures to draw the baby’s attention. Listening to baby books and talking toys would enhance their vocabulary at a very early age.

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15. Kicking activity

Hang toys or balls with strings and let your baby kick those while laying down. You can also firmly hold them from the torso and let them kick an inflatable ball. This will help strengthen their legs, and leg and eye coordination.

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