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Kids toys are expensive and they play with toys a couple of times and then they start getting bored. Also, they grow out of toys pretty fast.

Baby and Kids toys are essentials for their brain development, hand-eye coordination, and sensory development.

Toys being expensive, parents do not want to buy a new toy for kids every day.

Some days babies and toddlers love to play anything but toys. They seem to be more interested in adults belongings like mom’s makeup, dad’s tools box rather than their own super-expensive toys.

Since kids tend to get bored with toys pretty quickly and every other day they want something new. Keeping this kind of situations in mind, mom seems to be clueless about what to do.

My kids hover around me all the time. If I am in the kitchen, they want to open drawers and cabinets to find anything that interests them.

Not to my great surprise, they love playing with ladles, spoons, containers, and whatnot and every time I make sure there is nothing sharp in there or unsafe for them.

Kids are smart they will understand this concept eventually what is safe and what’s not.

After buying tons and tons of hot wheels cars for my son, he would play with them just for a couple of hours and we are done.

Keeping this kind of attitude in mind, I came up with the ideas of creating a box, container, bin, or bag, that is super inexpensive and great for moms who do not want to spend on toys every day.

You can create anything out of your closet that works for your kids. Something that could keep them engaged in an activity and also it should be age-appropriate for your kids as well as safe for them.

You can add stuff as per your kids’ age and create a “busy random box” with something out of what you have sitting in your kitchen or room closet.

Make sure any of this stuff does not have a choking hazard and are absolutely kids friendly.

Get a box and put all the miscellaneous stuff that you may want to trash but don’t. 

Kids inexpensive activity bin ideas

Kids Kitchen activity bin ideas

You can create an inexpensive bin from random kitchen stuff you already have that is safe for kids. Also, you can empty one of the drawers or a kitchen cabinet and fill it up with stuff your kids can get busy with.

You may want to include things like;

  • Measuring spoons
  • Funnels
  • Rolling pin
  • Cookie roller
  • Small and safe gadgets with no sharp ends
  • Toss in some pasta or cereals
  • Ladles
  • Small plastic cups plates
  • spoons
  • kids spoons, forks or knives (age-appropriate)
  • Coasters

Make sure these things do not have sharp ends.

Depends on your kitchen and house configuration, some days you may want to toss in some ice cubes, raw pasta, etc.

Although it may get messy still you have to plan a cleanup wisely.

Do not offer ice, if you have carpet all over, or anything that cannot be cleaned up with a vacuum.

Activity bin from stuff around the house

Sometimes you notice kids playing around in the house with just one thing they like the most for a few days and after that they pick on something else that interests them more.

This comes as of different phases your child has.

Things you can include in any random activity box, bin, container, that can keep kids engaged for a long time and are easily available.

Just think of anything that can be included in a box, you can also put in some toys you kids already have.

Especially if you have two with less age difference. This could be a pretty engaging activity.

  • keys chains
  • old keys or car keys (not with remotes)
  • remote control without batteries
  • an empty perfume bottle
  • empty chapstick with nothing inside
  • closet dividers
  • Coasters
  • Dry Markers so there is no risk of messy stains on your walls
  • wallet

My daughter and son (2, 3) both love fixing stuff like hammering, using a screwdriver. Every day they just want to have a REAL screws driver and fix their cars, doors, and whatnot.

It requires a lot of supervision and for big kids or small kids, drill machine toys would be so much entertaining.

You can create a random box with some of this stuff.

  • kids’ screwdrivers,
  • long lost kids’ screws from their playsets,
  • detached wheels.
  • a hammer

Girls activity Box

To engage girls in an activity you can use this stuff

  • Bangles
  • necklace
  • comb
  • Clean makeup brushes and of course real ones
  • an empty perfume bottle
  • an empty lotion bottle
  • You can also add in toy makeup stuff that is available.
  • empty chapstick

Shower Activity bin

My kids spend plenty of time in the shower and every time they are super excited for the shower. They keep adding stuff to their bathroom bin and have more and more fun.

  • hair-dye brush if you happen to color your hair at home
  • Hair dye bowl
  • scrub Sponge
  • Loofah
  • toothbrush
  • anything else you want to include
  • cars
  • Toy utensils
  • Fidget spinner

Always be sure these things do not have any chemicals on and are safe for kids use. However, just to be safe it is a good practice to wash them.

Boys activity box

Boys love cars. They eat, sleep and breathe cars. My son is obsessed with wheels or anything that spins like propellers. So if you have anything that spins and you don’t need anymore, do not trash and save it, that can be super fun for kids.

Things you may want to include in a vehicles activity bin are;

  • Cars
  • Small vehicles
  • construction vehicles
  • Animals
  • Uncooked Pasta
  • beans
  • lentils
  • Rocks

Although these bins with sand and other stuff could get messy still you need to have these activities to keep your kids busy.

Glue station Activity

Kids love sticking stuff and especially if that makes it a messy activity.

If you have any random toys around the house which your kids can stick on a wooden board or sheet where it can stick then it would be a fun activity.

You can use

  • Toys pieces w
  • popsicle sticks
  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Pom Poms
  • Cotton swabs
  • Cotton rounds
  • you can stick cotton rounds and paint them
  • Knobs
  • Anything that can actually stick with glue

Some days you can create an activity station outside of your house depending on how much space you have outside.

Car wash or a Scooty bike wash activity is super fun for kids. My son loves playing with soap foam and a sponge. This can keep kids engaged for a long time however, you still have to supervise them at all times.

Cleaning hacks for moms to have less messy motherhood.

Comment below and share your favorite activities with kids other than toys that can earn you a quiet time once in a blue moon.

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