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Sleeping is as important as food for babies, kids, and adults. No matter at what age you are, you need your due share of sleep every night. One of the biggest challenges of motherhood is to manage sleep deprivation and managing your baby to sleep through the night is a big task, as your little one is waking up every 2 hours for feedings in the middle of the night or due to other sleep problems.

There are several other reasons due to which your baby is waking up more frequently, or they are not sleeping enough due to their sleep issues.

Despite a full tummy or feed on demand, your baby is having trouble sleeping through the night which leaves moms and dads sleep-deprived, stressed. Even mom and dad both have to go to work or either one of them stay at home for looking after kids, no matter how much sleep deprived you are, you have to get things done and that leaves you more stressed, agitated and definitely not emotionally or physically healthy.

Well, first things first, for new parents, you have to know that sleep deprivation is a real deal with newborns. The biggest favor you can do yourself during that time is DO NOT STRESS OVER BEING SLEEP DEPRIVED.

Just be mentally ready about that phase of parenthood. Nature’s way is preparing moms for sleep deprivation starts during pregnancy when moms won’t be able to sleep due to frequent bathroom trips or a huge belly. Although you might end up going to bed again when you have a little one(s), it becomes a different story.

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Baby sleep problems

Now let’s get to how to know how you can help your baby sleep through the night by identifying what could be her sleep problems.

Despite all that feedings during the night, your baby might not be sleeping through the night and wakes up more frequently. My kids have not slept throughout the night until they were on breastfeed and even after that too.

Now I can analyze why and what are the reasons they might be waking up which could be helpful for moms too.

If your baby is not sleeping through the night, it could be one of the following reasons you might want to rule out.

1. Tummy is Not full 

This is a very common reason for your baby to wake up due to an empty stomach. Breastmilk digests within 60 to 90 minutes whereas formula-fed babies sleep a little longer.

Some moms choose to formula feed at night so they could have another hour of sleep for their sanity and babies could sleep better too. Using a formula at night could also solve sleep problems for those who are good eaters and get hungry every hour.

Babies sleep while eating and then wake up after half an hour. this happens when your baby does not really eat well and falls asleep because she may be too tired or too hungry. Doctor suggest to undress your baby (just leaving the diaper on) and then feed 15 to 20 minutes each side (if breastfeeding) and then add 2 oz to 4 oz more for top feed.

Just be sure that your baby ate well before sleeping and burped before you lay her down.

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2. The temperature might be too high or low

If you have a nursery set up for your newborns or toddlers, the temperature should be moderately cool so that they could sleep well through the night. 

If your baby is wearing fleece onesie and your room is not too cold then it might get too warm for the baby at night or vice versa. 

You have to make sure they are not too warm or not too cold during the night.

You have to keep the temperature and the baby’s clothes fabric in mind. 

The ideal temperature for babies is 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Crib or bassinet are placed close to a vent 

My son never liked his bassinet and crib and one of the main reasons was, we had put his crib in our room close to vent and it just did not work for him. However, I made sure for my daughter that her crib should not be close to vent and she did relatively good about sleeping in a crib and her bassinet.

If you think your baby is waking up feeling cold at night make sure to change crib placement.

4. Swaddling or no swaddling 

Swaddling is a great thing to do with babies. It is a very common practice by moms. 

As a new mom and a learner, I did not follow swaddling very religiously. Some days I did and some days I skipped it. 

Although my mom always advised me to do that and somehow that did not work for me very well. I would dress up my son in a onesie and put him to sleep. 

Do not take my advice on this – but I have used blankets for both of my kids. My son co-slept and I always felt to have a blanket on him. 

I wish I could do a good swaddle and wrap my babies at night when they were little, which could even help them sleep better.

Make sure that you do swaddle your baby so that your baby would feel safer and less frightened throughout the night.

These sleep sacks are great for night time.

Whereas my daughter slept in her bassinet and crib and she had managed a blanket very well. I kept a close eye on her even in the middle of the night. As we all were sharing a room so it was closely monitored.

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY BLANKETS OR PILLOWS IN BABIES CRIBS. It has a high risk of SIDS. I do not advise you to use any blankets or pillows in your baby cribs to ensure your baby’s safety. 

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5. Too few layers or too many layers

Too many layers for your baby at night is not a good idea if you have a central air-conditioner and heating system. 

Rather it depends on where you live. If you happen to live in colder regions and no central heating then you might want to add a couple more layers for your baby to stay warm and cozy to sleep better 

If you live in a warmer region with less access to electricity or air conditioners, you need to keep your baby in a very light thin layer of clothing. 

I recommend to keep their feet covered during winters but putting a hat on during the night is not a good idea. Sometimes it covers babies’ eyes or nose too while they move their head during the night. That tends to wake them up and cry out because of that.

This happened to my kids when they were newborn a couple of times while wearing a non-slip hat. It somehow covered her face and she was crying her lungs out.

6. Night-time clothes

There are two things to consider if you are putting your baby to sleep dressed up in a onesie (footie) even if they have grown out of the swaddling stage.

Using buttoned onesies for nights get airy for babies and sometimes they tend to feel cold at night (if you are following no blankets policy).

Using zip sleep and play onesie is a great clothing item to buy for babies because it will keep your baby packed and they feel more comfortable while asleep.

My favorite onesies for my kids are by Little Me. These are the ones every parent should have for their kids. They are great for sleeping and playing as well.

7. Your baby might be too sensitive to noise

Well to be honest when babies are tired all they want is to sleep wherever they can sleep anywhere even with loud music on. It’s just that THEY NEED TO SNOOZE. 

You might have wondered just like I did. Why is my baby waking up just after a good 20 minutes sleep to a floor cracking sound?

Just like my kids, there must be some other babies who are super responsive to any kind of sounds even while they are asleep. They just could not sleep better and keep waking up. What moms got to do when they have to get chores done and wait for kids to fall asleep.

The moment you step on the floor your floor cracking sound is so lethal that it could wake your baby up or get uncomfortable at night or during a daytime nap. 

You have to wake up, hold your baby, nurse again and then wait for getting her to be in deep sleep. Either way, you are worse off. You actually cannot do anything when you need to do some laundry, or you need to get your dishes done.

Using Sound Machine

I would highly recommend you to get a noise machine. 

A lot of moms swear by using the sound machine for their babies to sleep during the day or night, that could solve the baby’s sleep problems significantly. It could minimize loud noises of household chores and your baby could sleep longer and better.

This one is perfect for traveling, compact, portable and, pretty much works on the outlets almost everywhere. 

8. Your baby might be Overtired

If your baby is too tired, she going to take time going to sleep. And if she does sleep, she is more vulnerable to wake up in a few minutes after sleeping and keep waking up.

Gently massaging an overtired baby could help sleep her better. Use coconut or olive oil to massage baby at night for a more comfortable sleep.

9. There is a need to burp 

Your baby would certainly wake up if there is a gas issue going on. Although you have just put your baby down and your baby is gonna wake up because of gas. The best practice is to have your baby burp before putting to sleep and they keep waking up for a few months due to this issue because they cannot sit up or burp on their own.

You have to deal with that. Trust me, it will get better with time.

Try using gas drops if your baby has started solids lately and her stomach is having a hard time adjusting to the new textures. This gas drops work best for my kids.

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10. Diaper leak

Diaper leak is the most common reason for wake-ups. Few diaper brands cause leakage and have babies wet, due to wet clothes babies tend to feel cold that’s why they wake up 

I was using a different diaper brand for my son other than pampers and every night he woke up to a leak. 

Boys tend to leak more often thus, adjusting their penis downwards while changing diapers could minimize the leaks to a considerable extent.

My only recommendation is of pampers Cruisers. They have better absorption, more room and perform way better during the night.

Put on a dry diaper every night before putting your baby to sleep. If your baby diaper over-soak and tend to leak more frequently at night, you got to go a size up.

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11. Dirty diaper 

Your baby keeps waking up if you missed changing a dirty diaper when you just changed a while ago. 

There are chances, your few months old baby is trying to sleep on her own and she keeps waking up. Despite a full tummy, her diaper needs to be changed. Dirty diaper could be one of the reasons she is not going in a deep sleep.

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12. Sickness

Last but not least, sickness could be one of the main sleep problems your baby might have. She could not breathe better due to the congested nasal passage, or she might be running a fever. You need to monitor that too.

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13. Your baby might be sleeping during the daytime instead of night

This is a very common problem when babies sleep during the day and stay awake at night.

You have to make a clear distinction between the day and night once you are home with the baby after hospital discharge.

Keep day time noisy and nights calm.

Days brighter with more natural light coming through the windows and night dark, calm. Eventually, once your baby gets this day and night difference, it will be much easier.

No matter how tempting it may sound, do not respond if your baby is the mood to talk at night. Even for nighttime feedings, keep a night light and do not brighten up the room. The nighttime feel has to be consistently practiced.

However, I really hope after reading this you will be able to rule out your baby’s sleep problem during the day or night.

14. Baby wants to sleep on your chest

Some babies want to sleep on the chest or they would Co-sleep. The moment you put them down in the crib or bassinet, they would wake up.

My son was like that when he was in his infancy stage. Although I co-slept for 2.5 years and then transitioned on his toddler bed still I it wasn’t tough as I anticipated. The transition went much smoother.

If your baby does not want to sleep in her crib or she just wants to be snuggled, do not stress and go with a flow. Eventually, your baby is going to sleep on her own, however, it may take more time for you.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other suggestions that worked for you.

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