9 best tips for moms to stay organized on the schedule

9 best tips for moms to stay organized on the schedule

Staying organized in the everyday schedule is the most challenging part of motherhood. Whether you are a full-time working mom or a stay at home mom, there is no exemption from your motherly duties.

Finding the right balance between professional and family life makes all the difference in a woman’s household. You have to feed, bathe, and clothe the kids on top of getting them ready for school and getting their homework and assignments done on time. It means that you are on the clock 24/7 because you have to manage your kids, home, work, and whatnot. The list of chores is too long and keeps adding up.

Even after juggling all of the responsibilities simultaneously and keeping everything organized, you might find that one or another thing is left out; either your kids suffer or your work, or sometimes both because you cannot manage all at once. The person who has neglected the most in this chaos is you, and it is not a good sign because if you cannot find time for yourself, it will eventually affect everything.

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Best Organizing tips for moms

To overcome this hassle and keep your life maintained, the key is staying on a schedule and humanly organized. Here are the best tips you can get to simplify your life in a good way.

1. Plan Your Day or week in Advance

If you are a working mother, you can’t rely on being spontaneous; you need a schedule to keep things organized by planning your everyday tasks ahead of time.

Every night before you go to bed, take a pen and paper or use your phone and list the tasks for the following day. Once you have done that, prioritize the tasks as per their importance and deadlines. This way when you wake up the next morning you have no or minimum surprises plus you know what is urgent and needs foremost attention.

You can take virtual help by using apps like Asana or Trello; they are very interesting and help maximize your potential.

You can get yourself a paper planner for all you’re planning. There are multiple planners available in the market or online. It is simple and stylish with different floral patterns.

Get pretty planners from Amazon.  

2. Plan your meals ahead of time

One of the most difficult tasks at hand for every mother is deciding what to cook. It can be time-consuming, complicated, and tends to take up a good amount of your day.

Many working mothers choose to go for take-out meals most of the nights because they are too tired to cook after a whole working day. The best way to overcome this issue is to plan a meal for a whole week on the weekend. You can decide on a menu for seven days with your family and then prep for it in advance.

Meal planners for refrigerators

You can plan meals on weekends; for example, you can make breakfast burritos and freeze them for up to a week. Whenever you want to eat, wrap them up in a damp paper towel and microwave for 1-2 minutes. Your hot and fresh burrito is ready to eat. You can boil chickpeas, beans, and kebabs and use them when preparing a meal. This can reduce your cooking time by a great margin. You just need to decide on a menu and get prepping.

You can also organize your kitchen, and the best way to do it is by getting some stackable storage bins. They keep your pantry clutter-free, and you have access to all your goods at your eye level at all times.

3. Get Your Whole Family to Help

You might be in chaos because you take up all the tasks that have to be done by yourself. To be organized you need to steer some of the tasks to other members of your family as well.

You can ask your kids to help. Sometimes it is better to do the chores yourself than to watch your kids do it but trust me, it will benefit you in the long run. Kids enjoy helping when they are little. Moreover, it teaches them a sense of responsibility and completing tasks. They feel responsible when they are trusted with important tasks that you do yourself.

The same goes for your better half; you can always divide laundry, cooking, and taking care of the house between both of you. You could take the responsibilities for alternative days, or you can undertake the one you are best at.

4. Get Maximum Out of the Weekends

Weekends are the best days to focus on yourself and your family and take a break from your tiring work routine. You can get the maximum fun and management out of the weekend, you can catch up with your friends, family, movies, shows, or even restaurants you have been planning to go to. At the same time, allot a small time to your chores.

You can plan your meals; plan your meetings and your kid’s schedule ahead of time. You and your spouse can decide between school pickups and soccer practice, and other chores as well. Try to take the maximum potential out of the weekend so you can spend a stress-free week.

5. Family Calendar

Treat your family members like your co-workers so you can work as a team and get things done. The best way to get everyone on the same page is by getting a family calendar. This way, you are not the only member in charge of every event and task. If your kid has an event, he/she can add that to the family calendar, and you can decide who takes her and picks her up. If you are old school, you can use a paper calendar for this, but if you are tech-friendly, Google calendar can be of service. It sends you notifications and keeps sending reminders when an event is close by.

Having Alexa in the house is a great help. You may want to set reminders for tasks etc.

6. Try to wake Up Early so a lot can be done in a day

If you struggle to find time for yourself, my suggestion is to wake up early. There is no time like the morning when no one is awake, but you can shower, take your coffee, and do your exercise before everyone is awake. It gives you a head start to the day and some time to pamper yourself.

You can prep for everyone’s breakfast before they wake up. It can be difficult if you have a kid that wakes up before you but still, it is one of the best hacks to get your life in order.

7. Do Not Let Things Pile Up

Mail, health insurance, kid’s assignment, clutter, etc., can all pile up if not tended to from time to time. The best way to do so is not to let things pile up; check your mail every night; 90% of the mail is junk and needs a look to be sorted. Pay your insurance and bills on time, try to bring as little work into your home as possible, and ask your kids to clean up their mess. This way, you can nip any clutter in the bud and have no sticky spots in your house and office.

Organizing is not a super impossible task. Rather it is about developing habits and seeing things better. You can introduce organizational habits in your life and your children’s lives as well. It is composed of small tasks and can be as simple as putting your bags, keys, and shoes in their spot when you get home. Identify that your everyday line’s routine tasks and just 5 minutes every day on these chores can get your life in order and help you balance between work and home.

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8. Invest in your ease

Try to make your life easy by using new technology and upgrade.

Invest in instant pot pressure cooker so you can have delicious meal ready quick and easy.

You can use a Kitchenaid mixer for dough preparation, so you have to spend less time in the kitchen preparing food. Meanwhile, you can get something else done when a machine is sharing your workload.

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9. Adding minimalism in your lifestyle

Not everyone would like this tip, but in my opinion, this is by far the best strategy to stay organized and stress-free. When you have less stuff to look after, you will be automatically at peace. For example, fewer toys for kids means less clutter and quick clean-ups. Going moderately minimalist is key to a healthy and simplified lifestyle.

12 best Tips for making Space-saving Choices for a clutter-free home

12 best Tips for making Space-saving Choices for a clutter-free home

Are you looking for home organization hacks to save you a good amount of space and give you a clean clutter-free look?


You want to have a home that looks more organized, clutter-free and minimalist?

But, where to ditch all of your everyday stuff, yet your house gives a clean vibe while you are at home.

These are simple easy to follow home organizing hacks that can benefit you in the long run, even if you have kids or no kids.

When you have kids, you are likely to have more stuff at hand that you have to deal with every day. And, that is the reason why moms are overwhelmed all the time because they have too much clutter to clean and organize.

18 organizing hacks for kids you won’t regret knowing.

These are the simple tips I have applied when my house looked like a mess with so much stuff and I had actually no spot to accommodate most of the clutter.

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Home organization by space-saving hacks

When you are making home organizing choices, you must keep in mind to utilize your space VERTICALLY. Like wall shelves, vertical storage cubes, this will help you save space on the floor and give your home a minimalist look.

1. Wall baskets or wall shelves

Wall basket can be used for mails or important documents for home office space to avoid clutter. Especially when you are limited on space for office use. Not only it will help you stay organized but also keep it away from kids – these little explorers have all the energy to mess up with important documents in your house.

2. Get a nice looking closet that could Hide Extra clutter

Are you struggling with extra clutter in your house that has just nowhere to hide?

Getting these IKEA closets is the best idea to keep clutter away. Also, try to assign a designated spot for everything you have to stay organized. You can get similar closets like these if you need something to hide clutter.

3. TV stand with storage

If you plan to have a TV stand anytime soon? get something with tons of storage that can be stored in a mess-free, clutterless way.

For a small living room space, getting a TV stand with storage is a great way to hide clutter. You can select some really nice looking tv stands for your Tv lounge or room Tv here according to the color scheme and home configuration.

I have got the one with Fireplace because I was really fond of having a fireplace in my home. If you want to have a TV stand with a fireplace, this is the one I have. You can choose to have a fireplace stand with storage cabinets depending on the space allocation.

4. Buy a space-saving furniture

Most of the dining-table chairs have slightly tilted back, which takes up more space and makes it so hard to maneuver.

When you buy a piece of furniture for your house, make sure it is space-saving in every aspect yet it fulfills the purpose. Also, the chairs should most preferably be close to 90 degrees. That being said, too much tilted back chairs ain’t going to be space-saving in any way.

Here are some space-saving dining sets.

5. Desk letter sorter or organizer

Having a small letter sorter could save you tons of clutter on your desk.

6. Storage bins for anywhere that are space-saving.

Similarly, when we talk about space-saving bins,- after a lot of trial and error, now I would prefer to get rectangular or square shape storage bins, not with the wide tops and narrow bottoms.

For a perfect space-saving usage when you are struggling with small space, you can get good looking bins in a perfect cube shape.

7. Pantry organizers

When you buy pantry organizers like cereal containers etc, make sure all your containers follow the same cylindrical or rectangular shape, (whatever you prefer) no wide tops and narrow bottoms. This will help you save tons of space in your pantry.

Pantry space might be limited for some people. if not all, – thus, when you have a small space, also you want that to look pretty, go for the same family of airtight containers.

8. Got too many linens or clothes – use space-saving bags

When you have less storage space and more linen, you need to use space efficiently around the house. Using Space-saving bags is an ideal solution. But first, you have to purge what linen and towels you don’t use anymore. That’s the best way to save tons of space in your linen closet. Especially, if you have extra pillows or cushions that are sucking up your space entirely.

If are using space-saving bags in order to maximize your space, I highly recommend you buying jumbo space-saving bags rather than small ones as they can take up more stuff in one bag. However, for fairly small storage space, ideally, you should not get medium or the small ones. That way you’ll be able to accommodate everything well.

9. Utilize shed Space

If you are homeowner, or you rent a home where you have the space for putting up an outdoor shed, utilize it. Store kids’ cribs and car seats, etc. if you are planning to have more kids in the future. Clutter-free your home by putting away anything in the shed you may need in the future that you don’t need for now.

If it has leakage issues or having concerns like mold due to weather conditions, elevate it a little bit off the ground and see if things work.

10. Outdoor bench for storage and seating

Summer is a fun time for outdoor activities and kids tend to play a lot outside during the summer season.

Ideally, if you have a front or back yard in your house, not only you should have outdoor seating, but also utilize bench space with more storage.

Save kids’ toys and outside clutter, in this gorgeous looking storage outdoor bench.

11. Storage Ottoman

Have an elegant looking storage ottoman that pops up the decor altogether for any room. Ideally, you should choose a complementing color for your lounge that could hide any non-essential clutter like pillows and throws to give your lounge a clean, clutter-free look.

This round tufted ottoman is a great pick for your family room or formal sitting area.

12. Purge and Buy less

Purging does not necessarily mean you must ditch the fairly old stuff and keep buying new ones. Having less stuff to deal with, is the best you can invest in your mental health. In my opinion buy, what you think is necessary and invest in a good purchase.

Moreover, I would never suggest you buy something that is of low quality as it is going to be a total waste of money.

Easy organizing hacks for kids’ stuff

Easy organizing hacks for kids’ stuff

Are you in the struggle of organizing kids’ stuff every other day?

Moms of little kids may find these tips helpful for organizing kids’ stuff when clutter becomes overwhelming. Learn these simple and easy organizing hacks for baby’s clothing, kids’ jackets, shoes that need a designated place in your home, also, how moms can organize kids’ toys and books depending on the space of your house.

You can get ideas on how you can maximize your limited space with multiple kids and their stuff for a fairly small space.

If you have too many kids’ toys, the best thing is to declutter, and here is how you can do it.

How to declutter kids’ toys.

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Easy Organizing hacks for kid(s) stuff

Regardless of how big or small your space is, having too many things around you may increase your stress level.

The best approach is to stay minimalist with your stuff; too many things mean too much clutter. Although when you have kids, you may need a bigger space or a separate room to accommodate your kid’s stuff, still you need to be decluttering every two to four weeks to avoid the overwhelm and get rid of the stuff that your child has outgrown in a matter of few weeks.

When moms feel overwhelmed due to kids’ toys, clothes everywhere, these simple things will help moms keep motherhood organized and less stressful. Most importantly, keep the configuration of your house in mind when you are organizing stuff.

1. Use Wall basket for Lost socks

Install wall baskets in your laundry room and outside the laundry room to track all your household lost socks.

2.Install Hooks on the entryway

Install basket or hooks for gloves and other winter wear on the entryway. This is the tree hall I have, and it caters to kids’ shoes, jackets, school bags, and everything else. If you have space to optimize your entryway, then this is the hall tree you should get.

3. Wall hooks for hanging baby stuff

Ideally, you should install wall Hooks for hanging baby’s bibs, toys, and other things that keep messing up your space.

4. Wall organizers for medicines

Babies are vulnerable to fall sick in the first year of their lives. It would be best to keep a designated spot in the kitchen cabinets for medicines or a medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Make sure the medicines are not in your kid(s) reach.

The best approach is to have a mesh bin or storage bin container to keep them contained in one place.

Tip – Always make sure the medicines are best to use and throw away expired ones.

Learn how to keep your house safe for babies.

5. Jewelry organizer for girls

You have to have jewelry organizers for little girls so that it is not getting lost every other day. Also, this will help girls to learn how to keep jewelry organized while they are still young.

Choose a practical and highly functional jewelry organizer that is age-appropriate and easy to use for little girls. Using this one can save you a lot of space on the dresser.

jewelry organizer for little girls accessories

6. Wall hanging organizer

You can use a wall hanging organizer for multi-purpose in your kids’ rooms.

For instance, you can use a wall organizer for baby receiving blankets, baby’s shoes, bibs, onesies, pj’s, bodysuits, baby’s diaper essentials. Small space rooms can save up a lot of space by using these organizers, depending on your room configuration.

Moreover, a wall or hanging door organizer can be used for random toy accessories for little girls. These wall organizers are super functional for barbie dolls and tons of small toys.

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7. Space-saving bins

Space-saving bins for kids’ books or toys.

As kids grow older, the best practice is to purge what you find unnecessary for your kids. Space-saving bins are your best friend when it comes to organizing kids’ rooms, especially boys’ rooms, that have the ultimate car selection.

Over the door hanging storage organizer for baby’s toys and every day use random stuff.

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8. Storing clothes for next season or for the sibling

9. Need to store clothes for the next season for siblings or expected baby, these fabric storage bags are a game changer.

9. Bedside caddy to organize bed clutter

Do you do late-night feedings or do not have a nightstand on either side of your bed, use this night caddy for easy access for the stuff you may need at night.

Bedside caddy can be used in kids’ dorm rooms, in their own rooms, or even if they are sharing a room with siblings.

You can use a bedside caddy in kids’ rooms to keep bedtime books and other essentials organized.

kids stuff organizing hacks

10. Drawer organizers for small clothing items like onesies

This drawer organizer can be used as an onesie organizer. Since onesies are the best and the comfiest clothing essential for newborns and most likely your baby has tons of onesies. Keeping all sorted in your drawers when you do not have hanging space in your closet is a brilliant way to keep clothes organized.

11. Closet wall foldable drying rack

Are you aware of having multiple throw-ups and poop stains? well, sometimes you cannot just put everything in the washer right away. You gotta have this when it comes to air dry a few items.

Install this foldable drying rack in your laundry wall to keep air dry clothes that you need every day.

12. Mesh bags for washing smallest clothing piece

You cannot go wrong by using mess bags for the tinniest socks that misplace every wash. Lost socks are a problem of every household from infant to adult. Solve this issue by using these mesh bags.

Fill this mesh bag up for laundry so once your load is done, you have full pairs of socks safe in one place.

13. Storing kids art and crafts

do you seem to do crafts with kids and no place to keep it safe and reminding? These clear bins with lids can help keep everything organized and clutter-free.

14. Wall shelves

The moving wall shelves can be used to organize kids’ books in the reading section. You can also utilize wall shelves to organize kids’ other stuff like small cars that can be stored vertically. This can save up a lot of space and clutter.

This wall shelf you can get from amazon for kids’ room to have their book organizer in a space-saving manner.

15. Use a bench with drawers or bins underneath.

While you are setting up your kid’s room if you want to have a sitting bench or table for a sofa make sure it has storage to put away toys to have a better-organized room.

You can get this practical and super functional storage bench for your entryway or living room to organize and make your house clutter-free.

16. Keeping bags safe in one place

Instead of shoving your bags or girls’ bags under the bed storage, the best thing is to get these bags hanging storage to keep them safe to retain their shape and stay scratch-free for a long time.

17. Bath toys organizers

Do your kids play with toys while they take shower or bathe? You might want to get these bath toys organizer. This will help you avoid any moldy toys by keeping them dry.

18. Organizing Board Games

While kids are growing up, things keep piling up with new stuff. Some kids are fond of board games like monopoly. If you have a relatively small space, the best thing is to get a closet hanging organizer or cubby organizer to safely organize and store board games.

This over the door organizer can be used for anything that needs to be organized in a space-saving manner.

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16 cleaning hacks for moms to have mess-free motherhood.

organizing hacks
Cleaning Hacks for moms to have less Messy days with kids

Cleaning Hacks for moms to have less Messy days with kids

Parenting is hard just as much as being a mother. For new parents, it gets challenging every other day when their kids are growing and they don’t know what to expect. Moms get overwhelm every single day when there is a bunch of work comprises of cleaning only. With all these messy moments, kids need to learn and explore.

After all, kids are kids. They will remain kids for quite some time, like for at least more than a decade.

Although mess all-around your house is inevitable still there are ways you, as a mother, would like to curtail it.

Ironically, kids love messy stuff. They would like to play with dirt, sand paints all over their hands rubbing off with shirts and so much more. For your sane moments, you have to learn how to survive the mess and allow some of it around the house to have a few moments of peace.

It would not be fair to kids if you do not allow them to be creative, messy, and experience their freedom while playing. Rest assured, we are not talking about discipline over here.

It is about being kids and enjoying their time while they are little.

This post is about #cleaninghacks or #momhacks to make your #momlife less messy and less overwhelming with all day, and every day cleaning. There are ways you can minimize the mess with these clever hacks that could save you so much time and energy also your kids are happy learning something new every day.

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Cleaning Hacks for moms to have Less Messy days with kids 

Motherhood gets really tough when it comes to cleaning and wiping every single day. Taking care of little humans is not easy, and moms need to keep their cool. These cleaning hacks and easy tips are going to help you on how you can deal with everyday mess with kids with less stress and more sanity.

1. Using splat mat under baby’s eating chair

Once you start baby-led weaning with your six months old baby. You need to know it gets SUPER messy with every single day. This is going to last for a few months until your child experiences her laws of gravity, throwing food here and there.

Ideally, you would want to feed your child by yourself just to avoid this food wastage and a tremendous amount of cleaning.

Let me tell you, this is how babies are going to learn. Minimize your stress by investing in a splat mat or by spreading a table cover (you can stock up some from a dollar store) under their eating chair.

Getting a splat mat is a good investment. It is a washable, anti-slip mat. Also, you can use it for arts, crafts and play mat activities. So, it’s a win-win.

This will save you so much chemical cleaning every time. Also, it will protect your floor.

2. For less messy beds use mattress pads

I don’t know about you but, for my mattress being peed on is a big deal. Try to always use waterproof mattress pads for your bed as well as a baby’s crib or toddler bed. These mattress pads are machine washable and easy to use.

Also, you can use disposable Mattress pads while you are potty training your kids. or waterproof mattress pads. You may expect too many nighttime accidents and for that, you need to be super prepared. Invest in something that is not going to take a lifetime to clean up.

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3. For night time throw-ups use multiple fitted sheets 

Kids often get sick and they are very likely to throw up in the middle of the night in the bed and on the sheets.

I do not know who’s mom hack that was but, I really want to give her credit for something so incredible.

You need a couple of waterproof mattress pads and a couple of fitted sheets. Just layer them on your baby’s bed. Mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet and so on. Layer them up one by one. This would save you so much sanity during stomach flu days.

In case of a throw-up, this hack would help you not to interrupt baby sleep just remove a messy sheet and a mattress pad only. Now the baby is back to sleep.

4. Using washable paints, color, crayons, and markers

Kids LOVE painting, art activities and everything that involves different colors. The number one thing you want to do use washable paints, colors, crayons and markers. Do not risk your walls, tables etc with kids learning activities.

Use disinfecting wipes to wipe off any kinds of stains from the table wall etc.

To protect your kids’ new clothes from colors or stains, you should consider getting them smock for art and craft activities.

5. How to deal with Slime mess

Slime gets super slimy when it comes to clean up. It is NOT east to remove slime. Since I have started experience big kids fun, it gets messier day by day. Although slime is fun yet it is super messy.

There are ways you can remove slime from hair, carpet, clothes, etc.

  • Use slime to take off the slime. Like a magnet effect.
  • Use coconut or olive oil to remove slime from hair.
  • Use 2/3 of vinegar and 1/3 o water to remove slime from the carpet.
  • Baking soda works great.
  • Once you put it in a washer, before you dump clothes in a dryer, you will be able to pull slime off very easily. Make sure you do a cold water cycle.

You can place toys in a container, filled with water, and add a few tablespoons of dishwashing liquid, depending on how many toys you have. This process may help taking slime off the toys.

6. Shower kids’ messy toys

Kids’ toys do get messy.

Besides how vigilant one may get but kids would never fail to surprise parents with their innovative ways of disasters.

I do not know about you, but both of my kids LOVE dripping milk all over their toys from the feeding bottle. It was frustrating!

How you can clean messy toys. Well, depending on the configuration of your bathroom, either you can put them in the shower with kids if you have a bathtub or a standing shower.

If you have a water facility outside your house, you can do some water activities for washing toys. Moreover, kids are going to love it. It’s a win-win.

Secondly, if you do not want any more stress to deal with, you can simply use a mesh bag to wash toys in a laundry.

You can play with messy toys outdoors as washing activity during summer-time.

Are you overwhelmed with kids toys? Learn how to declutter kids toys.

7. For toddlers Use snack catcher for eating snacks in the car

Car mess is the biggest stressors for dads. My husband loves cars and keeps his cars CLEAN all the time. Of course, he expects that from me too.

Unfortunately, I am not that successful in keeping cars clean so far with two little ones. But I surely have curtailed the mess by using these snack catcher bowls.

I would highly recommend using snack catcher cups for cars or on the go. Your kids would learn using them.

Use no-spill cups to avoid spillage in car rides. Select age-appropriate cups or bottles for your kiddos.

You need car cleaning wipes to keep your car clean. It is a good idea not to use the regular disinfecting wipes. Use only car cleaning wipes for cars interiors.

  • Do not give chocolates to small kids during car rides. It is going to be all over, everywhere.
  • Avoid banana feeding in the car if your little one does not know how to eat on her own. Your car is going to smell like a rotten banana.
  • Veggie straws have been successful so far as a good less-messy snack while on the go. However, regular potato chips may get your car super messy.
  • If it is a lollipop, make sure there are no hidden ones on the seat or on the mats. Hot weather might mess up things with these candies.

8. Use seat covers to protect your seats

Do you know the kids’ car seats can actually mess up your cars back seats? I didn’t know that either. Thanks to my husband. I highly recommend using Seat covers especially if you have a new car and kids.

Also, kids candies, chocolates, cookies crumbs, and whatnot, would mess up everything in your backseat. Imagine summer-time is going to make everything melt and you are just TRYING to remove everything. But the damage has already been done.

You can use car seat covers depending on the number of kids’ car seats in the backseat.

Also, you need kick mats on the back of the passenger and driver’s seat.

There is another hack by a mom I came across on Pinterest is using cereal container as a trash can for a car. Indeed an awesome hack to keep trash contained without worrying about spreading all over during the ride.

During potty training use washable car seat pads to protect car seats or you can use these pads car seat, and strollers to protect baby’s seat from diaper blowouts or leaks.

9. Buy a high chair with washable cover

Try to get high chairs, or eating chair that washable covers. Having a cover could give your baby a cushion to sit for a longer time. However, you still have to make sure that high chair cover can be removed easily and is washable.

For restaurants eating out, use disposable mats

For a mess-free eating out with a baby who is at a baby-led weaning stage, you need to have the disposable placemats. You do not want your baby to pull off plates sitting on the table filled with food. These placemats are a lifesaver if you are a restaurant person. I highly recommend using these mats.

For big kids, you can use these educational placemats, that are washable, and are no spills mats.

For immediate clean up from a particular area, you need a dustpan with a brush or a cordless hoover 

Use oil to Remove makeup stains on kids’ face

Recently, my daughter applied a waterproof mascara all over her face, eyes, hair, and clothes. It wasn’t going to wash away with water only. I used olive oil to remove all from her hair and skin.

If something similar happens you may want to use olive oil or coconut oil to remove makeup from baby’s skin.

10. Ditch diaper pail

Ditch diaper pail to avoid the nastiest smell of old poopy diaper. Instead, use cover lid trash can and dispose of diapers in diaper disposing sacks. You can use perfumed diaper sacks.

With every trash day, you are disposing of trash more frequently.

Well, sometimes it may seem like your house smells like baby’s soiled diapers. No matter how hard you try, the odor is not going away.

Here is a trick.

To avoid THAT SMELL of poop odor, spillage and whatever comes with having kids, using an Air purifier would help significantly.

I have this one and it helps with eliminating cooking odor as well. I highly recommend having an air purifier in any home that has pets, smoke, and mold issues or just to protect kids from germs.  

11. Use disposable sheets for diaper changing 

You may want to use a disposable diaper changing pads while on the go.

12. Bathroom splash pad

Kids splash water no matter how many times you tell them. Use water absorbent bath mats at all times especially when kids are in the shower.

Let mats air dry by putting them in sunlight to avoid mold.

For random water spills, try to keep spare dollar store drying mats when you do not want to waste too much of paper towel. Air dry them in sunlight or wash in your next load of laundry.

13. Using oil for removing bubble gum.

We had multiple incidents like bubble gum in the hair or clothes. Using an ice cube to rub off bubble gum remains works great. However, another awesome hack is using oil to take bubble gum off from hair or floor, etc. You can use baby oil to serve the purpose.

14. Use cup liners To avoid popsicle mess

I saw this hack on Pinterest to use cupcake paper cup liners to avoid ice cream or popsicle dripping. The perfect idea when your little one does not want to hold a plate or bowl to protect it from dripping.

Well, if you have little ones who are not fussy about holding a popsicle, you may want to cut ice cream into pieces. Serve it with a bowl and spoon. However, this works for me every time.

15. Use Playpen for kids for messy activities

Kids love playing with slime, Kinetic sand, and sensory bins. For toddlers, It is very likely for them to throw everything around out of curiosity. In order to avoid sand mess all over your house, you may want to get a playpen to contain the mess in one area.

The playpen is multipurpose, you can use it as a ball pit, painting, kinetic sand, selective water activities.

16. Tons of paper towel rolls and disinfecting wipes

When you are a mom or a dad, you cannot survive without a bunch of paper towel rolls. When your kids are growing you need to have these in the car at all times also.

Whether you are traveling or staying at home disinfecting wipes are essential if you are a cleanliness obsessed parent. Disinfecting wipes and paper towel are a must-have when you have kids.

19 first-time parents mistakes with babies that you should avoid.

Let me know in the comments below what are your cleaning hacks with little ones to make your life less messy.

cleaning hacks for moms to have less messy motherhood

Back-to-School Tips on staying organized

Back-to-School Tips on staying organized

Starting School is much-awaited time for parents. Kids are excited and over-joyed with a feeling of having everything new every year. No matter what grade your kid is going to, moms need to organize the school days to make sure there is less chaos and more stuff gets done in a little time.

These are back to school essentials your child is going to need at home or for school to have a more exciting and fun year.

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Back to school tips and ideas for moms

Back to school time is the most exciting time of the year as kids get new clothes, shoes, bags, notebooks, and much more. Staying organized may get overwhelming for moms. Also, keeping up with kids’ schedules for school academics, extracurricular activities, homework, and meal preparations, along with household chores, is a lot of work for moms.

Knowing these few tips and tricks could help moms stay organized and more focussed for this coming year.

What you need for School Supplies kit

Early school years are filled with more art and craft activities. Typically, for arts and crafts, you need crayons, markers, scissors, color pencils, dry and erase markers for pre-K kids. That way you can practice art activities at home too.

For higher grade classes your child needs school supplies kit that includes writing supplies such as composition books, pencils, pencil grips, erasers, folders, pencil, sharpeners, etc.

This year, things are going to be different like never before. Wearing mask or facial covering is going to be mandatory and practicing proper sanitization to stay healthy.

More tips:

How to make healthy choices for kids.

Early learners school supplies

This back to school supplies box contains everything your child needs from grade K to 5.

For an early writer, these pencil grippers are super awesome to develop good handwriting skills.

If your child is having more art and craft activities at home or going to a daycare, you may want a smock, a huge form of T-shirt you can have your child wear so her clothes do not get messy.

For at-home art and craft activities for kids under 5, you may need to get these craft supplies for more fun.

Kids keep losing stuff, and sometimes when they have to do homework they would not find a pencil or a sharpener either. Keeping a desk caddy for homework time is highly functional to keep writing essentials organized.

If you want to save a few extra bucks, you can get washi tape and use empty jars or can to organize kids stuff in a fun way.

For preschoolers, learning books to practice reading and writing skills.

Backpack for kids

You can choose any backpack and you also want it to be durable to last a year or two. Additionally, you need to have an assigned place for the bags and school shoes, paperwork, etc.

How to Stay Organized with kids for the school year

1. Magnetic planners

Moms have to keep up with so much that they tend to forget most of the important stuff. In order to stay on top of your schedule and important dates, these magnetic planners are amazing. They are easy to stick on your fridge that may help you keep updated with everything you need to know, every single day.

Also, you can have this weekly magnetic planner to stick on your fridge.

2. Wall organizer

You need a wall organizer to keep all the paperwork organized seven days a week.

A Pencil case organizer would help to keep pencils and markers staying super organizer and not leaving stains in your kid’s bag.

Moreover, Sticky notes with color categorization can help you prioritize your tasks for the school year and remember important tasks for the whole week.

3. Kids clothes organizer

In advance for the whole week, you may want to plan ahead for what they have to wear at school. This closet organizer would help you keep clothes assigned for each day from Monday to Friday.

However, if your kids are big enough to get ready by themselves, they would know what they have to wear every single day.

4. Late days Bin

Some days, it is very likely to run late for school and you need to have basic essentials in the car. For instance, a hairbrush, gel, hand lotion, a snack bars. In that case, they would manage some last-minute business while you drive them to school.

Having a car organizer bin to keep all that last minutes essential organized for late days is a smart way to deal with such situations.

Moms need a car trunk organizer to keep kids school activities essentials like shoes, a pair of clothing, basketball or football, diapering essentials and, towel for smaller kids.

A hanging trunk organizer like this will save you so much space on the floor of a trunk.

Where to put stuff when they get back home

Depending on your house configuration, try to assign a spot for kids’ bags and jackets, etc. Installing a wall mount can be used to hang jackets during the winter and rainy season.

Use self-adhesive wall hooks for lightweight bags for pre-K kids. you can also use heavy-duty hooks for bags.

If you have a space in an entryway, I highly recommend getting a tree hall that has hooks, bench, and a shoe rack. This is a super functional tree hall bench I have in my entryway. You can use hooks to hang jackets, keys, umbrellas, bags, and organize shoes on the rack.

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18 Easy Organizing Hacks for kids

Scheduling meals for each day in advance

What to cook is the most complicated decision you make every single day, especially when you are a stay at home mom. Staying proactive is key. When the school year starts, moms need to plan everything ahead. Try to plan outfits for the whole week on Sunday. Prepare lunch a night before and plan meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner in advance.

Preparing freezer meals in advance could save you ton of time during the week.

That way you will be able to save time and energy for the whole week.

Lunch Ideas

Some of the lunch ideas that you can make in advance and freeze are:

  • Meatballs
  • Potato cutlets
  • Chicken or veggie patties, just bake them a night before and they are ready and can be eaten cold.
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Noodles
  • hashbrown patties
  • Veggie fritters

You can make egg or chicken sandwiches a night before for lunch and put it in the fridge. These leak-proof lunch boxes for kids’ school lunch is super awesome.

Extra cash for lunch when there is no lunch from home

As I said, when you have some unexpected late days, keeping emergency cash in your child’s bag for school lunch would save you from mommy-guilt.

Make snack-size bags in ziplock bags

Make small size snack packs using ziplock bags that would help you save money if you buy in bulk. You can use reusable storage bags that can save you a few more dollars. These bags can be used for snacks, sandwiches, fruits, veggies, etc.

Also, you can create a snack storage bin, and your kids can choose what snacks they want.

If you have a long drive from home to school or expect some delays due to a rush-hour – you may need to make some quick and easy snacks like sandwiches or wraps with you, so kids can eat in the car.

Lunch box notes for kids

Starting school during these unprecedented times is challenging for all of us.

Putting an inspirational or motivational note for your little ones in their lunchboxes every day is a way to encourage little minds. Even just a love note can inspire your little one. You can use sticky notes to leave them a nice note for school or you can get these 60 cute and motivational notes for kids lunch boxes.


Do you know what is different for on-campus learning this year?

Parents need to check kid’s temperature every day, before leaving for school. For that, you need a digital thermometer. Make sure your child is not sick before he goes to school to avoid panic. For minor allergies and sick days keep them home until they are fever-free for at least 24 hours without using fever-reducing medication.

Face Mask and sanitizers

Kids will be kids. They are born social genius. It is hard for them to socially distant themselves. Ideally, wearing a mask is a way to protect yourself and others during on-campus learning. Practice sanitizing as frequently as possible.

As moms, we need to amp up a little more effort on kids’ immunity. Taking kids multivitamins make a world of difference in their health and immunity to fight viruses.

Elderberry fruit vitamins are ideal for kids.

Kids, young minds, should not configure isolation, in my opinion. This could leave a lifetime impact on their personalities. We have to make them cautious and brave at the same time. Not to mention, we have to encourage them to follow the rules as well.

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Healthy choices you need to make for your kids.

These are my back to school tips and ideas for moms to keep school year exciting for kids. Comment and share what is your way of making school year fun for kids.

Cleaning essentials for every household with kids

Cleaning essentials for every household with kids

Cleaning when you have little ones at home is one tedious chore for moms and dads. It gets messy in no time, kids move around the house with food in their hands whether its cookies, chips, juice or milk.

It is part of their development process. They do make a mess to a certain age. making a mess is okay but that does not mean you start living in filth with crumbs pilling up.

Every parent needs some good cleaning essentials that are perfect when they have small kids, they are time-saving and make cleaning much easier.

Also, how about saving you a lot of money. Amazon prime deals are going on and some really awesome cleaning essentials are on a markdown price. You should not delay benefiting from those amazing deals.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer to get more information.

Cleaning essentials for every household with kids

In order to benefit from these prime day deals on amazon, you may want to sign up or even you can get 30 days trial for free.

1. IRobot Rumba

This tiny Robot vacuum is going to save you so much time and energy and clean your house without any dragging by yourself. The best thing is before going to bed, just turn this little monster on and it will take care of the rest.

Buy now.

2. Air purifier

When you have a baby at home, sure you need an air purifier. It is going to eliminate odor, pollen, and all sickness causing allergens. Babies need a clean house with a smoke-free environment. The air purifier is essential for kids to keep them healthy.

An air purifier also helps to get rid of the cooking smell around the house. I have this one, and I highly recommend having one at home.

3. Dyson V7 animal pro – cordless vacuum

This cordless vacuum is great when you have crumbs or some random spills on the stairs. This one is rechargeable, lightweight, and has powerful suction. it comes with additional attachments for deep cleaning.

No vacuum can beat the suction of Dyson. Dyson is expensive, but it is capable of sucking out all sorts of sand out of your carpet. Definitely worth the price. I have this one for everyday vacuuming.

4. Handheld hoover

We all need a handheld hoover for cars and some spillovers on the sofas or beds. I cannot recommend this Dyson handheld cordless vacuum enough. It is a fantastic product to have at home. Works best for cars, kids’ car seats, stairs, home office, and whatnot.

Light weight and can be maneuvered with one hand. Trust me, you will not regret buying it.

Get it now.

If you are looking for a really

5. Humidifier

Babies are vulnerable to get common cold and flu in the early years of their lives. It is not safe at this age to give them medicine unless it is prescribed by the pediatrician. A humidifier is the one thing you MUST have for babies at home all the time. This would help them breathe better and have them feel less congested.

Getting a humidifier is very essential for parents. It is a must-have for every household with kids.

Buy now.

What are your favorite cleaning essentials for your house when you have small kids?