Pregnancy Third trimester must haves

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You have made it to the third trimester of your pregnancy – the excitement to meet your baby is at its peak now, and it’s time to consider as few must haves. With all those third-trimester weird pregnancy symptoms, your health might not look pleasant.

These pregnancy symptoms include itchy skin due to stretch marks, nasal issues, waking up with a stuffy nose, swelling on your hands and feet, varicose veins, and early contractions, also known as Braxton Hicks contractions. Moreover, you might be experiencing frequent urination, heartburn, disturbed sleep, pelvic area pain, fatigue, sciatica, tailbone pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, and much more.

For every mom, the third-trimester symptoms may vary. Some may experience most of them, while others have a smooth start to the third trimester.

While these symptoms may sound ugly, some helpful products can significantly help with those tough symptoms during pregnancy.

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What kinds of products do you need during the third trimester?

The first-trimester and second-trimester must-haves can also be used if you have experienced these weird symptoms in early pregnancy.

For second and third pregnancies, you may need more of these support products because now your body is not as it was for the previous pregnancies. There is no harm in trying the products that bring you relief and keep you active and sane during pregnancy.

You must have maternity clothes that are comfortable and not too tight over-the-belly jeans or pants- along with nursing bras, flowing underwear, or boyshorts that keep you comfy. Some products like humidifiers and nasal sprays can be used even for cold or flu days. It is always a good idea to have one at home.

Below, check out the pregnancy must-haves you’ll want to keep on hand during the third trimester.

Helpful third trimester Must Haves – products to ease pregnancy symptoms

Belly support band

If you have not felt the need of wearing a support belt in your second trimester, there is quite a possibility by the time you hit the 27-week mark, you need to wear it to take the pressure off your back. Baby is getting bigger now, putting a lot of pressure on your back and pubic bone that makes it even harder to walk.

Wearing a maternity belly support belt can make a world of difference. Don’t delay if you have to get one. Most OBGYNs recommend a Neotech belly support band.

pregnancy support belt for third trimester

Body pillow for sleep support

By the end of the third trimester, side sleeping gets hard because you need belly support and leg elevation for better blood flow. Many moms use a pregnancy pillow.

Feet elevation

Swelling and leg cramps can worsen at the end of the pregnancy; while compression socks help, an elevation pillow can wear off the pressure from your legs.

Leg elevation pillow for pregnancy

Donut pillow

Many moms experience tailbone pain in the second and third trimesters. Sitting and standing for a long duration becomes hard. A donut pillow makes a huge difference because it helps you sit comfortably without your tailbone touching the surface.

donut pillow for pregnancy tailbone issues

Hydration Multiplier

OBGYNs suggest drinking at least a gallon of water every day during pregnancy. While this ensures billion bathroom trips, it also ensures healthy pregnancy because many pregnancy symptoms are relieved by staying hydrated.

So if you lack water intake, trying a hydration multiplier mix is always a good idea.

liquid hydratiob multiplier for pregnancy dehydration

Maternity bralets

Comfy bras that can also be worn for nursing your baby. Get these comfy nursing bralets for pregnancy and 4th trimester essentials.

maternity bras for third and fourth trimester


Heartburn comes back for some moms after the smooth second trimester. Take tums as a heartburn relief. Chewable tablets are one way to relieve pregnancy heartburn. However, pink stork heartburn tea is great for pregnancy hot drinks.


Nasal stuffiness is a common pregnancy symptom. Also if you get cold or cough, using a humidifier with Vicks can be very helpful in relieving cold and flu symptoms along with everyday nasal stuffiness.

Humidifier for pregnancy nasal congestion

A saline spray can be used if you wake up in the middle of the night with nasal congestion. Saline spray is salt water and is considered safe to use during pregnancy.

Compression Socks

Whether traveling in your second trimester or experiencing third-trimester swelling on your feet, compression socks can help moms-to-be relieve swelling and restless calves. If you have severe leg cramps during pregnancy, here is what you need to know.

Compression socks for pregnancy travel to prevent leg cramps

Compression socks for restless legs and swollen feet.

Raspberry leaves

To prepare your body for labor, OBGYNs recommend taking organic raspberry leaf tea in the last few weeks of your third trimester. Raspberry leaves are known for easy labor and less menstrual pain after delivery.

Raspberry leaves for preganancy third trimester menstrual cramps

So keep this Raspberry leaves tea bags handy after talking to your midwife or doctor; you should start taking them in your third trimester.

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