Newborn Baby Gifts You can add to a celebration baskets

Newborn Baby Gifts You can add to a celebration baskets

Baby showers are the most exciting events. Everyone is looking forward to welcoming a new baby in the family. Choosing a gift that is budget-friendly, not too expensive and does not waste either, is not that hard anymore. Gifts you can include for baby boy and baby girls on a baby shower that is inexpensive and not going to break the bank for you.

You can include small items that are useful for new parents and not a waste of money for you in a gift basket for their newborn.

Baby Shower or Baby’s Arrival Gift ideas

Here are the suggestions for a baby shower or baby arrival gifts.

1. Baby comb sets

Most Babies have hairy heads and combing their hair is essential. As it avoids cradle cap or if cradle cap happens combs will be helpful in removing those dry flakes from the scalp. Getting a baby comb set for a baby shower is a win-win. You can check Baby comb set here.

2. Milestone age blocks

Taking newborn’s pictures is a fun activity for parents and for relatives. Thus, having these milestone age blocks handy for adorable shots is a great idea. You can shop some Milestone age blocks here.

3. Socks gift set

Babies wear socks to stay warm and cozy. Getting baby unique socks as a gift is an awesome thought.

Baby socks Gift set Or these cute Baby socks are great for baby shower gifts.

Buy now these cute soft animal baby socks. Your winter baby is going to love these.

4. Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe is a celebrity favorite toys for their babies. Any mom is going to love it as a gift for her baby. It is a very popular and valuable toy – adding this to your gift basket with a couple of more items is the best gift for babies.

Buy Sophie the Giraffe

5. Baby toothbrush

This cute banana toothbrush is an awesome baby shower gift or you can add it for Newborn’s arrival gift basket.

6. Pacifier toys

This 2 in 1 Pacifier giraffe stuff toy is a fun gift for babies with they can play for a long time. A toy like this would help them develop their sensory skill and make it more fun when babies tend to develop their vision in the early months after birth. Here are more pacifier toys you can choose a baby gift from.

7. Hand and footprint frames

This hand and footprint mold frame is an ideal gift for new parents and this frame can be displayed in the baby’s nursery or their own room. There are so many footprint frames you can choose from.

8. Baby Customized Blankets

If you are looking for something super unique and thoughtful for a baby arrival gift basket, this customized blanket by Little Days for babies is an actually cute and adorable gift.

Customized blankets by little days.

Even you can get pretty blankets for a mom too for snuggle time or as a keepsake. Check some lovely blankets for moms as well.

9. Sound machine for babies

This Baby shusher should be included in every baby shower gift basket. These sound machines are so much useful gift for baby and parents. Every new mom MUST HAVE THIS. You can also choose this smart soother for babies.

10. Earth Mama Organics Baby kit

A kit having all the best organic essentials in one is a must-have for every parent. Earth Mama organics have the best soaps and lotions for babies. Their products are so gentle and nourishing for the baby’s soft skin. Your friends would love it.

A Little Something For Baby

Buy Earth Mama Organics kit as a gift for baby.

11. Personalized Name keepsake rattles

Personalized gifts are most loved by everyone. These name rattles can be used as teethers, they are made of chewable silicon beads.

Buy keepsake rattles for baby.

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12. Baby Bath sets

This skip hop Moby bath set includes rinser and spout kneeler and so much more. You can also get bath wash essentials set as a baby shower gift.

If you know someone who has fairly small space then this little organizer can save so much space and be super useful for new parents.

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13. Lovevery Playmat

If you are looking for something exclusive and unique, the Playmat by Lovevery is something not to miss. Lovevery playmat includes everything you need in an activity gym—from batting to teething to learning to focus—for a whole year of play.

The Play Gym by Lovevery

Buy now the Playmat

14. Swaddle blanket

This Muslin swaddle blanket is an excellent gift for baby girls and boys.

15. Funny quotes Drool bibs & socks

Baby gifts with funny quotes are always new parents’ favorite. These drool bibs are so cute and can be a stylish addition to your gift basket.

Buy funny bibs now.

Funny newborn socks for babies, everyone is going to love.

16. Personalized Baby shoes

Choose these baby shoes as a cute memory gift that could last a lifetime. Get these shoes personalized for the new baby.

Buy personalized baby shoes now.

17. Newborn books

Do you know that newborns have their black and white books? As newborns can see only black white and red when their eyesight is still developing, So you can give a newborn book suitable for 0 to 3 months.

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18. Little remedies essentials kit

These essentials by little remedies are must-have. Saline drops and gas drops have been my favorite for my kids. This is an essential kit that includes pretty much everything new mom is going to need.

19. Baby’s Milestone blanket

This monthly milestone blanket is an awesome baby gift for new parents as they can document a baby’s every milestone and take lovely photographs. You can choose your favorite from here. Newborn’s milestone blanket.

20. Baby Sleep Sacks

Moreover, babies love to sleep so why not a sleep sack. Giving sleep sack as a gift is going to be your money well spent on a baby shower gift. You can check out some cute cosy comfy sleep sacks here.

21. Ready-made gift baskets

You can choose some ready-made gift baskets from here as a baby shower or newborn’s arrival gift basket.

This awesome baby gift box can save you so much time. It has clothes, shower essentials, and a cute box.

22. Baby Bouncer

So if you want to choose just one single item for a baby shower gift, then getting a bouncer worth every penny. Your mom friend is going to LOVE IT.

I had got a baby bouncer on my first one’s baby shower and I can say that BOUNCER was the only gift that I loved and found useful.

Make sure it is sturdy, not too high and it can be used till baby is a toddler.

Getting a bouncer has many benefits like a baby can nap, baby can stay elevated after a feed and she can be even bottle-fed in it. It is not a waste of money and one single item is worth it. You can check out some baby bouncers here. My favorite one is by Fischer price.

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23. The Super adorable Plush toy elephant

This is an amazing gift for a few weeks old babies. This cute plush elephant talks and babies love playing with it.

24. Tummy time mat for baby

Tummy time is very essential for babies once the umbilical cord is off. This colorful water mat is an awesome and super useful gift for a new baby.

25. Crib Sheets By Rookie Humans

Crib sheets are an essential item for a baby nursery. So, why not get these unique and neat looking crib sheets. I am sure your mom-to-be friend is going to love crib sheets by Rookie Humans.

Discover the most whimsical crib sheets

Buy baby crib sheets now.

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26. Customize baby tiny essentials basket

Nonetheless, you can still make a customized essentials basket for a baby shower gift keeping your budget in mind.

These are some of the more gift items you can select.

Tush swiper

Silicon diaper cream applicator

A diaper bag dispenser is an awesome gift for on the go.

If you want to select clothing and accessories for newborn gifts, check out this post on clothing accessories for a baby that new parents actually need.

What are your suggestions for a perfect gift basket? Comment and share.

Baby shower gifts ideas
Father’s day gift ideas

Father’s day gift ideas

A hardworking father needs a lot of appreciation for what he does for his family, wife, children, and grandchildren. Since most of the dads are working behind the scenes, it necessarily does not mean they do not participate in parenting or raising kids.

For kids, mom and dad is a teamwork.

To give your father just a token of love and acknowledgment for what he does for you is indeed a very thoughtful gesture.

Talking about gifts, I firmly believe that a present should be useful, no matter what it costs. While choosing a gift for your dad (or your kids’ dad), try to keep his personal preference in mind, like favorite color or anything that he has been eyeing on lately.

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Gift ideas for father’s day

Here are the gift ideas for dads who are fun, workaholic, organized, or tech-savvy.

1. Garage Organizer

If your dad likes working on cars in the garage. This is the best gift you can give him for father’s day. If you like this idea just make sure he has a garage or enough space to place it somewhere.

2. Wristband for dad

Dads who love to do handy work like drilling, assembly, or likes working on cars. If your dad has a collection of tools already, then you can pick it as a father’s day gift.

3. Drill machine

This drill machine is the best gift for every household. My husband loves working on home improvement projects and on his cars, this thing saves him tons of time.

This is definately a must have, if he likes to do home improvement projects or enjoys working on cars, you can never go wrong with this.

5. Tool Set

This toolset is a great gift for the dad who likes to keep this kind of tools with him.

6. Camping blanket

For the dad who loves to go camping – a camping blanket is a unique gift you can give your dad this Father’s day. Weather is getting warmer and your camper dad is going to love this all year long.

Check out this warm puffer camping blanket.

Personalized gifts for dad

6. Personalized Hammer

This hammer with a personalized note is a great gift for dad to remind him that he is the best part of your life.

7. Customized Pocket knife

This personalized Pocket knife would be an awesome gift for your dad. If he is fond of keeping pocket knives.

8. Personalized gift for office

This paper weight is a great way to remind him that you love him even when you are not around.

9. Personalized Key Chain

This one is so cute to give as a gift. I am sure your dad is going to love this one.

For Expectant moms, this would be a great way to celebrate father’s day. Your baby’s dad-to-be is going to love this cute keychain. 

10. Slogan T-shirts

Men usually like wearing slogan T-shirts, these are some father’s day special T-shirts you can give him as a present.

You can see some more slogan T-shirts here.

11. Apple Air-pods

Although apple Airpods are expensive. But giving them as a gift if your dad does not have them already, would surely be an awesome gift.

12. Cable organizer case

If he is like to keep things organized like cables of each gadget, iPad, Kindle etc, he would certainly like having this as a present.

13. Wallet

This personalized wallet is another great gift for your dad. Wallet is one of those gifts which remind you of the person who gave you this.

14. Essential oil perfume diffuser bracelet

If your dad likes wearing accessories and likes essential oils fragrance then this thing he would love for sure.

15. A good watch

Nothing beats a gift like a beautiful expensive watch. Although your dad might have a watch, he would still love this one too.

Here are some more options you can look for if your dad is a watch person.

16. Fitbit

If your dad is more into staying fit and punctual, he would love this too.

These are my top recommendations for your dad for father’s day. Either you are looking for a gift for you husband (your kids dad) or your own dad, these suggestions would work for anyone.

What are your suggestions for father’s day gift which your dad loved.

Father's day gift ideas
Gift Ideas for Moms

Gift Ideas for Moms

A mother is naturally capable of nurturing tiny little beings to grown-ups. For that, she practically needs encouragement and appreciation on so many different levels of her motherhood journey. Showering a mom with a thoughtful gift out of sheer love regardless of the occasion is the best way to acknowledge her efforts and passion for her family.

Gifts are a thoughtful expression of your love for someone. It does not necessarily have to be expensive.

A small basket filled with a couple of everyday essentials is a beautiful and practical gift for a mom – worth the time and money.

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Gift ideas for moms

Choosing a perfect gift for the most

1. Kindle fire

Moms who like to read can now read without a lamp in the room and enjoy the feel of a real book with kindle book reader. Your mom can surely get a good read during that time.

For new moms, it is absolutely a postpartum essential for a mom to enjoy her time with the baby while she is nursing or for her “Me time.”

You can even browse Facebook, watch shows on Netflix, and so much more. If you have Amazon Prime, you can get access to thousands of books, movies, music, etc.

2. Fire Tv Stick

This device is an excellent gift for a mom when she is doing chores or needs to watch a tv show just to unwind for the whole day, this Fire Tv Stick with Alexa voice remote from Amazon works great.

3. Echo Dot

Another great option for a mom could be Echo Dot by Amazon. It’s really helpful as in Alexa is going to tell you about the weather outside, set alarms, tell you recipes or remind you about important events, meetings, appointments and so much more.

It works great for a mommy brain.

Kitchen Aid Mixer

Kitchen appliances are woman’s best friends. If your mom does not already have a kitchen aid mixer, now is the time to get her one.

Beautiful personalized blanket for your mom

Look how beautiful are these blankets by Little Days that your mom or mom friend is going to love it.

Massage Machine at home

For moms anything that can be used as a stress-reliever.

Guess what? There is another option of showing new moms super loved by giving her a massage machine.

This massage gun is going to be a family favorite.

Cookware set for moms

Does your mom love to cook?

Calphalon space saving Cookware set is something she is going to love. Calphalon is by far the best cookware available on the market.

These days when the whole world is hit by a pandemic, so almost everyone is stuck at home, cooking and eating. Giving cookware or kitchen essentials as a gift is a great choice.

Check out budget-friendly gifts ideas for homemakers.

9. Instant Pot

For those moms who love and enjoy cooking and some moms who have to cook no matter what are going to find this gift very useful. Since, after having kids they don’t have so much time to cook anyway and watch everything going on when you have to be there for your newborns as well.

For that reason, instant pot could be a sanity saver. set a timer, do chores and a lot will be done in a very little amount of time.

11. Facial Derambrasion kit

At home facial treatment for moms is an awesome gift. A lot of women are already swearing by this awesome product. If you are looking for something useful gift for your mom – here is the one if your mom does not have this already.

Gifts you can add to a gift basket

A lovely mug

You can never go wrong with adding a cute mug with an inspiring quote written on it.

Here are some really cute mugs you can gift your mom.

Decorative Pillows for Moms

A pillow with a mother’s day love note is a great gift for moms who are fond of home decor.

Get this chic Ayesha curry decorative Pillow from Macy’s.

Woman water bottle

A water bottle is an awesome gift for moms who love to stay healthy and active.

Get this chic Society6 woman water bottle.

Hand lotion set

Self-care essentials go a long way for moms as they hardly get time to schedule spa visits.

Get hand wash & hand lotion set

Stress relief bath set

Moms are vulnerable to get stressed out quickly. If you want to send something thoughtful during these times of the year, the stress relief bath set is considered a thoughtful gift for a mom.

Buy an all-natural spa set for a woman who likes no chemicals.

Moms who love Wearing a watch

You can never go wrong by gifting an elegant watch. In my honest opinion, a unique watch can go a long way.

Buy Micheal kors Pave Two-Tone Smartwatch.

Printable Greeting cards for Mother’s day

Even if you do not want to spend much, a greeting card could serve the purpose.

Get printable cards for mom to celebrate Mother’s Day.

These are some of my suggestions about mom’s gifts which are extremely useful and valuable enough to go a long way.

You can give a gift to a new mom on her birthday, on her baby’s birth, mother’s day, baby shower, Christmas, festivals, etc. Moms need to be appreciated for what they are doing and capable of doing despite any specific occasion.

Check out some budget friendly gift ideas for homemaker moms.

Gift ideas for moms
Gift ideas for moms