first-time parents mistakes with babies

First-time Parents Mistakes with Babies

Parenting is hard when it comes to being a first-time parent. Taking care of a newborn is overwhelming for the first time. However, moms and dads still manage to get through this early phase after birth with all that sleep deprivations and exhausting, stressful days. First-time parents are more likely to make mistakes with newborns … Read more

baby shower gift ideas

Newborn Baby Gifts You can add to a celebration baskets

Baby showers are the most exciting events. Everyone is looking forward to welcoming a new baby in the family. Choosing a gift that is budget-friendly, not too expensive and does not waste either, is not that hard anymore. Gifts you can include for baby boy and baby girls on a baby shower that is inexpensive … Read more

Newborn care when to call doctor

Newborns health conditions that need immediate medical care

During the baby’s first year, you may experience frequent visits to the doctor’s office. Most of these doctor’s visits are routine physical checkup for the baby’s first year, which is scheduled once a week and then monthly as your baby starts growing older while some may have been due to a random newborn thing which … Read more

Newborn baby hacks for new moms

Newborn Care hacks for new moms

Newborns are joyful and overwhelming at the same time. For new moms with newborns, it gets hard and challenging to keep up with something new every day. However, these baby hacks will help you get it easy on your motherhood journey. For new parents, these baby hacks will save you time and sanity. Also, you … Read more

How to organize baby nursery

Smart Ideas on How to Organize a Baby nursery in a small space

Nursery organization in a limited space gets challenging as you want to keep it functional and space-saving for the baby’s essential gear. Trying to manage an extra space in your house to set up the baby’s nursery before her arrival is stressful. If you share your room and closet with a baby, even though you … Read more

how to treat stomach flu in toddlers

How to treat stomach flu in toddlers

Gastroenteritis is an inflammation of the inner lining of the intestines, also called Stomach flu. Gastroenteritis is often caused because of viral infection. In general, stomach flu is an infection of the stomach or intestines. Stomach flu is very common in toddlers. The symptoms of stomach flu in kids are diarrhea and vomiting, and your … Read more

Baby's diaper rash - causes and treatment

Baby Diaper Rash – Causes and effective ways to treat diaper rash

Baby diaper rash is a skin irritation on the bottom area that occurs mainly in infants and toddlers who wear diapers or nappies. Almost every baby tends to get a diaper rash in the first few years of his life. Diaper rash is caused due to overly soaked wet nappies, especially dirty diapers of babies … Read more

Reasons why your baby is refusing bottle or not nursing

Reasons Why your baby is refusing bottle or not nursing

As a mother, it could be very stressful when the baby refuses to nurse or start refusing the bottle. It is a common issue with every mom who seems extremely worried if the baby has not eaten for a while or has started refusing a bottle. There are a few reasonable reasons why your baby … Read more